Copenhagen Cowboy: Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) says more about his Netflix series


Nicolas Winding Refn's new neo-noir series, Copenhagen Cowboy, has just wrapped production and the Danish director tells us more about it.

After Nicolas Winding Refn prophesied the future of movies and streaming services, it looks like he's thriving working for Netflix instead. Touting his collaboration with the company as an excellent experience, the director of Drive (who even spoke of a Netflix Winding Refn) greatly appreciated returning to the series format after his previous project: Too Old to Die Young. He returns this year with Copenhagen Cowboy,which just wrapped production in Denmark.

The series focuses on wandering by Miu (played by Angela Bundalovic) through the criminal underworld of Copenhagen in neo-noir style. Very indifferent to the animal controversy that tainted his filming, Nicolas Winding Refn recently spoke about Copenhagen Cowboy and seems very happy with his new creation.

In a press release, he explained, among other things, that he saw his new series as the logical continuation of his journey and a favorable experience as an artist:

“With Copenhagen Cowboy, I have returned to my past to shape my future through the creation of this series. It is an extension of my ever-evolving alter egos, now incarnated in the form of my young heroine, Miu. ”

The filmmaker also spoke about his relationship with streaming services and his enthusiasm to work with Netflix again. In his own words: “Streaming is the future“.

The director of the original series of Nordic Netflix's Jenny Stjernströmer Björk also signaled her eagerness to share Winding Refn's new creation. According to her, the creative force and the unpredictability of the filmmaker make all his works fascinating and this one is no exception. Copenhagen Cowboy will consist of 6 episodes and should be released later this year on Netflix now that filming has wrapped this July 2022. Several episodes will in any case be unveiled at the Venice Film Festival 2022 next September.


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