Corn is late and will be more expensive this year


Le maïs est late and will be more expensive this year

Cold and rainy weather in June has not favored the growth of corn in the fields.

The corn on the cob in the region will be long overdue at fruit and vegetable stands. Due to the bad weather of the last few weeks, the harvest is late.

This year, it's a little more complicated, because we've had a lot of rain and cold in June. Indian corn is a tropical plant. It needs a lot of heat, including at night, like 20 degrees, explains Médé Langlois, producer in Neuville.

The first ears of corn should therefore be marketed towards the end of July. We are ten days late. You can even go up to 12 days, says the farmer.

Médé Langlois ensures that this period will not affect the taste. Selling prices, on the other hand, will be revised upwards compared to those practiced last year because of the increase in production costs.

Inputs, labor labor, oil…everything costs more. There will be a price increase, but it will be reasonable.

Based on information from Louis-Philippe Arsenault


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