Corona research: With Covid-19, male sex is a risk factor

Corona research: With Covid-19, male sex is a risk factor

Corona research: With Covid-19, male sex is a risk factor

Corona research: With Covid-19, male sex is a risk factor

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The coronavirus is “gender biased,” researchers found in their corona study. They even see the male gender as a risk factor for Covid 19 disease.

    Men seem heavy more often Covid-19 to fall ill than Women – but is that the case worldwide?
    Is this Coronavirus* “Sexually biased”? Researchers wanted to find out.
    The result of the Corona-Studie leads the authors to an important call for research.

Men more often become seriously ill Covid-19 than women. This is not a new finding, it has been known since the spring that men get worse under the Coronavirus suffer and more often severe Covid-19 disease courses to have. But it has gender actually influence the course of the disease? A team of researchers led by Kate Webb (University of Cape Town) and Claire Deakin (University College London) has a total of 90 Corona– Studies from around the world analyzed to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. The meta-study was published in the journal “Nature”.

Coronavirus: Men are more likely to have severe Covid 19 disease courses

The researchers analyzed 3,111,714 Corona cases from all over the world – for example to find out whether Men more often with the Coronavirus infect and therefore more often have severe courses. The result: There is no gender difference in the Corona infection – Men and women are infected with about the same frequency. However, the likelihood is with one severe course of Covid-19 disease on the Intensive care unit to be relocated at Men almost three times (2.84) higher than at Womenthe study shows. Also the likelihood of being on or with Covid-19 dying is therefore higher in men than in women. According to the study, men are 1.39 times more likely to die than women.

Coronavirus: Mers and Sars “preferred” men too

Even earlier ones Coronavirus– Outbreaks had a similar tendency, write the study authors: inside. In the onset of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) * in Hong Kong in 2002/2003 Men therefore a 1.62 times higher probability of dying. In the Sars outbreak in Singapore, the likelihood was that a Mann had to be moved to intensive care or died, 3.1 times higher than at Women.

New corona study: men are more likely to end up in intensive care with Covid-19 or to die of the disease.

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When the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (Mers) in Saudi Arabia (2013/2014), 52 percent of infected men died, but only 23 percent of infected women. Both diseases will – just like Covid-19 – of Coronaviren triggered.

Coronavirus: Gender should receive more attention in research

“These data suggest that fundamental differences in the immune response of Men and Women probably a driving factor behind the significant gender bias the Covid-19 pandemic are “, write the researchers in their study and continue:” Sexual differences in the immune system could contribute to the female advantage Covid-19 be responsible, as studies have already shown. “

The authors emphasize that further studies on the topic Corona and gender are necessary, but the data published in their study already have “implications for the clinical treatment of Covid-19“. The data showed that it was important that gender as a variable in further basic and clinical research into the Coronavirus should be included, according to the researchers, who see the male sex as a risk factor for Covid 19 patients. (Tanja Banner) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital central editorial team.

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