Cougar attacks child in central Alberta


A cougar attacks a child in central Alberta

The attacks cougars are very rare in Alberta, say the Aquatic and Terrestrial Wildlife Services.

A 7-year-old boy received more than 200 stitches in his skull after being attacked by a cougar near Rocky Mountain House in central Alberta on Sunday morning.

According to his mother, Chay Feuser, the child was camping in the area with his neighbor and other children over the long weekend. The group of six young people were playing by the river, about ten meters from the trailer, when a cougar attacked Cason Feuser.

The children started running and screaming cougar, cougar, cougar, the mother said in an interview. The neighbor then threw a stone which hit the beast in the head. The projectile forced the cougar to release the child.

Cason Feuser was airlifted to the University of Alberta Hospital, where he underwent surgery that lasted more than three hours to clean his wounds and treat his jaw.

Cason Feuser is on morphine after being injured by a cougar.

According to Chay Feuser, his son was lucky because the cougar was young and missed his jugular by a few millimeters.

He has more than 200 staples and stitches on his skull and numerous stitches in his face, neck and throat, she said. He cried a lot and wanted to make sure all the kids with him were okay. He kept asking how his sister was doing.

“He is extremely brave.

— Chay Feuser, mother of the injured youngster

Aquatic and Terrestrial Wildlife Services, Alberta Fish and Wildlife, euthanized the beast, which was still at 150 meters from the scene.

Cougar attacks are extremely rare, says Rob Kohut of Alberta Fish and Wildlife in an email.

If you see a cougar, don't run or look back, he advises. Grow taller and speak very loudly.

Children are more susceptible to attack because their tone of voice and movements resemble those of small mammals .

Alberta Fish and Wildlife also recommends carrying bear spray in areas of cougar habitat.

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