Could former senator Don Meredith lose his 'honourable' title?

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Could former Senator Don Meredith lose his 'Honourable' title?

Don Meredith has resigned from his position as senator on May 9, 2017. (archives)

Could Don Meredith lose some acclaim? The former senator, who resigned from his post in 2017 after having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl, still wears the title 'Honourable', but active and retired senators want the title stripped .

There are several of us in the Senate who feel that something needs to be done, and I have the feeling that we are going to move. […] I believe that the title of honorable is a title that must be earned, which must be earned by dint of being a good person, declared the independent senator for Quebec Julie Miville-Dechêne, in an interview with Radio-Canada.

“Everything that is alleged against Senator Don Meredith is completely dishonorable. The fact that he keeps his title is really an aberration. »

—Julie Miville-Dechêne, independent senator

Ms. Miville-Dechêne herself entered the Senate in 2018, after the resignation of Don Meredith, but before the publication of a report deeming credible the allegations of sexual and psychological harassment by ex-employees against the Torontonian. Two years later, the Senate offered nearly $500,000 in restitution to several of its former employees who claim they were victims of workplace harassment.

It really hurt me to the heart, she commented in an interview.

Julie Miville-Dechêne is an independent senator for Quebec.

Former retired senator Serge Joyal also believes that Don Meredith does not deserve the title of honorable.

If one believes that one can bear this title of honorable, one must conduct oneself in an honorable manner in all respects. […] I am convinced that the Senate must decide, he said in an interview.

According to Mr. Joyal, Don Meredith was guilty of a flagrant violation of ethical standards, as the investigation report demonstrated. It is on this basis that the Senate must intervene, he continues.

Retired former senator Serge Jewel. (archives)

It wouldn't be the first time senators have attempted to strip Meredith of his title.

Serge Joyal introduced a motion to that effect in 2019, but has since taken retirement, and none of her colleagues have so far taken over the case.

Ms Miville-Dechêne believes that may change now that charges have been laid and the #x27;history resurfaces.

There will surely be more attempts to have him stripped of his titles, she says.

The senator explains that the Prime Minister should be asked to make a request or make the recommendation to the Governor General of Canada, so that her titles be stripped of her, because the Senate does not have the power to do so.

In 2017, the Senate Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest recommended the removal of Senator Don Meredith, but the latter has resigned before the expulsion vote.

If he had been expelled, he would have lost his title and his pension, but since he resigned, he kept both, which Ms. Miville-Dechêne condemns given the image it projects.

From a public perception point of view, I consider that Don Meredith in has done too much, done too much damage to the reputation of the Senate to continue to call himself honorable and also to continue to receive his old age pension, she said.

< em>With information by Alexandra Angers

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