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Counter Strike 2: what release date for Valve's new title?

After more than a decade of existence, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) enters a new era with the arrival of Counter Strike 2. An extremely anticipated title on which we tell you everything.

Among all the big names who have left their mark on In the world of video games over the last twenty years, there is one that often seems slightly more important than the others. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the games license from Valve's shooter, remains one of the most popular shooter games in history, with a player base that continues to grow despite its popularity. his venerable age. The reason? The imminent arrival of an upgrade huge day of the game, which will give it a second life on a technical level. We tell you everything about Counter Strike 2.

Valve in preparation for Counter Strike 2

< p>Since its release over a decade ago, CS:GO has always been popular. the fruit of crazy rumors about the arrival of updates graphics update, or even a possible sequel. So many rumors from the corridors which have all without exception been invalidated by the complete silence of Valve on the subject of its legendary FPS. But today, things have changed. The studio is is in the process of developing a new version of CS:GO and revealed it. to the public last spring.

A new version of CS:GO based on the Source 2 graphics engine has already been released. born. This version, which is called Counter Strike 2, includes new graphics as well as new servers. 128 ticks, a feature requested by FPS players for several years. Fans have also been able to test it for several months in the form of a closed beta which seems to bring together all the aspects of a huge success.

When is Counter Strike 2 coming out?

The official release date for Counter Strike 2 has not yet been announced. fully revealed, although Valve has claimed that this is not the case. count on thesummer 2023. We are now at the end of summer and Valve remains silent, but many rumors are counting on a release around September 23. The game indeed seems ready for an official release and its first "season" ; of the competitive Premier mode scheduled for September 23.

A Counter Strike 2 beta?

You can learn everything about the Counter beta Strike 2 in our article just below:

​​​​​​Counter Strike 2 will be available this summer. 2023 for all PC players via Steam.

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