Couple shocked worldly-wise new Yorkers, twice per day having sex in the subway

Пара шокировала видавших виды ньюйоркцев, дважды за день занявшись сексом в метро

Couple shocked worldly-wise new Yorkers, twice per day having sex in the subway Author: Elena Abdulaeva Pair of shocked new Yorkers in the subway Photos: metro new York news American news USA new York USA

A couple from Manhattan, obviously, was so struck by the sight, sounds and smells of the least romantic places in new York subway – that she had sex with not one but two underground stations on the same day.

On Tuesday he told police, the couple was caught on camera during the evening rush hour at about 18:40 on 22 November, a few hours after a similar attack on the station and Bowling green.

Nezavualirovannoe 38-second video shot from the train station starts off hugging the railway Romeo with his mistress right on the platform. In the carriage immediately set silence which breaks only recorded voice “Please stand clear of the closing doors”. At this time, the man, apparently, continues to deliver partner pleasure, lying on a heap of things. At her head is also a rolling suitcase.

“Performance” pair at Grand Central, which was probably a repeat for an encore, because the police believes that the same pair did the same joke at the Bowling green. Around 9:30 a.m. at the Bowling green woman gave a man pleasure while he was sitting on a bench platform, absolutely not embarrassed by the other passengers.

Investigators shared a photo of a man taken by a surveillance camera in place of the morning incident, although the woman’s face was not clearly recorded.

Even accustomed to many residents of new York city was struck by a public demonstration of feelings, and hope that next intimate act couples will be held during the visit of the wife wife in jail.

“Oh, that’s terrible!” – commented on the incident Natima graves (25 years). “This was too cold. Seriously, get a room”, she said.

Quincy Jones (25 years), agreed that the bold act of the pair was “disgusting”, but offered his explanation of what happened. “I think today the people of new York is not enough space. So they create it for themselves. Or that their love is just so strong”, he said.

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