Court dismisses appeal of Justice for Our Stolen Children protesters arrested in 2018

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Court dismisses appeal by Justice for Our Stolen Children protesters arrested in 2018

In February 2018, protesters from the Justice for Our Stolen Children movement set up a teepee to protest the acquittal of those charged with the murder of two Indigenous youths: Colton Boushie, 22, of Saskatchewan, and Tina Fontaine, 15 years in Winnipeg.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by Justice for our Stolen Children protesters over arrests made in Regina during the dismantling of their protest camp in June 2018.

According to court documents, the establishment of the camp follows the acquittal of two men charged with the murder of two Aboriginal youths: Colton Boushie, 22, in Saskatchewan, and Tina Fontaine, 15, in Winnipeg.

The camp began in February 2018 with a traditional teepee with an indoor fire pit.

It was erected north of the Legislative Building and south from Wascana Lake to Regina to highlight the failures of the legal, political and other societal systems with respect to Indigenous people.

When the camp was disbanded on June 18, 2018, the six appellants were arrested and held for approximately four hours before being released without charge. It was re-erected three days later.

Protesters claimed that the dismantling of the camp and their detention infringed on their freedom of expression and that; they were arbitrarily detained. They said the camp was intended to raise concerns about the treatment of Indigenous youth and children.

They argued that their arrests were illegal, unwarranted and disregarded reconciliation.

Trial judges disagreed, finding that they interfered with the dismantling of the camp and that the Judge of Chambers did not err in his handling of the case.

The group of people thus appealed the decision.

In January 2022, Saskatchewan's highest court ruled that the case should be heard, despite the province's attempts to stop the appeal.

However, on September 15, he found that the appellants' arguments could not succeed and dismissed the appeal. #x27;call.

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