Court sided with Hailey Bieber in plagiarism case


    Court sided with Hailey Bieber in plagiarism case

    Hailey Bieber

    In June, Hailey Bieber was sued by designers, who created the clothing brand Rhode NYC in 2014. The reason was the presentation of Haley's own cosmetic brand, which the model gave almost the same name — Rhode.

    A celebrity is accused of plagiarism: the owners of a fashion brand have filed a lawsuit to ban Bieber from using the name, as confusion has already begun on social networks.

    So far, the court is on Hailey's side. The judge denied the designers' motion for a preliminary ban on the use of the name — in particular, they demanded the removal of a 17-minute film called The Making of Rhode, where Bieber talks about the creation of his beauty brand.

    Court sided with Hailey Bieber in plagiarism case

    At the same time, the owners of the Rhode NYC brand continue to hope for victory in court. A spokesperson for designers Phoebe Vickers and Purna Khatau told the press:

    The process continues. This decision of the court — it's just a judge's refusal to ban Hailey Bieber from using our brand name while the proceedings are pending. The preliminary ruling that we sought is extremely rare, so this outcome was expected.

    We are still confident in our victory. Rhode — our name, we made it up, it's protected by state and federal law. We ask Hailey to achieve her goals without using our brand name, which we have built over the past nine years.

    Earlier, Vickers and Khatau said they wish Bieber success in business, but urge her to name her brand something else. According to the designers, representatives of the model tried to buy the name from them four years ago, but were refused.

    Hailey's team considers the use of the name Rhode legal, since the star's brand is registered as a cosmetics company, and Rhode NYC — as a clothing manufacturer. Representatives of Bieber explain the choice of just such a name by the fact that Rhode — middle name of the model.


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