COVID-19 Deaths Increase in Afghanistan: Ministry

COVID-19 Deaths Increase in Afghanistan: Ministry

COVID-19 Deaths Increase in Afghanistan: Ministry

Kabul (Afghanistan) December 10: The Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday raised alarms over the 46% increase of COVID-19 deaths this week compared to the previous week, saying that each day deaths have increased from 5-10 to 10-20.

The ministry said that 1,678 people tested positive for the coronavirus in Afghanistan last week, which is higher than in previous weeks.

The numbers provided by the ministry are usually seen as incomplete due to lack of testing capacity, or people’s lack of interest to be tested for the virus.

Akmal Samsor, a spokesman for the ministry, said that 40 percent of Afghans will get the COVID vaccine within the next two years, adding that the World Bank and other international organizations will provide the vaccine to Afghanistan.

The first shipment of the vaccine will arrive in the country within the next eight months, he said.

“The vaccines will reach 40 percent of Afghanistan’s population by the end of 2022,” Samsor told reporters on Wednesday.

He said that the spread of the virus has increased due to the lack of mask use by the public.

Some Kabul residents said that the government should make the use of masks compulsory.

“Some of those who feel ill are spreading the virus more than others; therefore, using mask is a must,” said Ramin, a resident of Kabul.

Public Health Minister Dr. Ahmad Jawad Osmani has said in Wednesday’s cabinet meeting said debate is needed over activities at wedding halls, pools, sports events, remote working by public employees, compulsory mask use and reducing the number of car passengers in the city.

The Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday reported 177 new positive cases of COVID-19 out of 2,247 samples tested in the last 24 hours.

The Public Health Ministry also reported 13 deaths and 117 recoveries from COVID-19 in the same period.

The new cases were reported in Kabul (66), Kandahar (12), Balkh (33), Nangarhar (5), Takhar (23), Wardak (10), Laghman (2), Kunar (4), Khost (7), Zabul (10), Uruzgan (3) and Sar-e-Pul (2) provinces.

The deaths were reported in Kabul (5), Balkh (2), Nangarhar (3) and Khost (3) provinces, according to data provided by the Ministry of Public Health.

The data by the ministry shows that the cumulative number of total cases is now 48,540, the number of total reported deaths is 1,921, and the total number of recoveries is 38,150.

So far, 158,811 samples have been tested in government centers and there are 7,900 known active COVID-19 cases in the country, data by the ministry indicates.

Source: TOLO News

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