Cowboys Fringants singer Karl Tremblay announces he has cancer


Cowboys Fringants singer Karl Tremblay announces he has cancer

Karl Tremblay, lead singer of the Cowboys Fringants.

Karl Tremblay, the leader of the popular Quebec band Les Cowboys Fringants, posted a video Tuesday morning on social media to explain that he has prostate cancer, diagnosed in January 2020.

I had come to announce it to you, to the public and to the fans, because I started chemotherapy treatments and that, in the next few weeks, I will lose my hair and my beard, a he said in this video.

I am now part of this family of people who have to fight every day against this disease, which is unfortunately obvious in the world we live in today, he added, moved.

However, the 45-year-old artist intends to continue performing with Les Cowboys Fringants, even if some concerts could be postponed.

If my health allows it, if my voice allows it, I would like to continue doing concerts, so this is a bit of a warning to you that, for the next few weeks, this will no longer be the hairy cousin Karl that you will find on stage, but Saitama San with the fiery gaze of the [manga] One-Punch Man, maybe with a hat.

I may have less hair on stage, but the heart and the desire to make you spend wonderful evenings with my fellow troubadours Cowboys will always be there, added the one who is also co-owner of the independent studio Triple Boris, which specializes in the development of video games, mobile applications and animated videos.

While he is aware of the concern that the announcement of his illness can generate among his fans, Karl Tremblay remains a philosopher in the face of this ordeal.

“Nobody knows the future, the only thing we know is that we will all leave one day, but until then we are alive. »

— Karl Tremblay, singer

The next Cowboys Fringants concert is scheduled to be held in Sorel on July 22. The group then has shows scheduled in Quebec and Europe until spring 2024.


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