CPC leadership: Patrick Brown's campaign co-chair backs Jean Charest


CPC leadership: Patrick Brown campaign co-chair backs Jean Charest

Patrick Brown's national campaign co-chair for Conservative leadership, John Reynolds, endorses Jean Charest, who can “unite the party” for the next federal election.

The co-chair of Patrick Brown's national campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), John Reynolds, indicated on Tuesday that he supported Jean Charest in the race. According to Mr. Reynolds, Charest is the best choice to “unite the party” and to “form a national Conservative government”, he explains in a letter.

Mr. Reynolds is a former Member of Parliament for the defunct Canadian Alliance, and briefly served as Leader of the Opposition in the early 2000s. He also represented the citizens of the riding of West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky Country for the CCP.

As a founding member of our political party, the Conservative Party of Canada, I am extremely concerned about the divisions within our party, notes Mr. Reynolds. He blames the tone used by some campaigns, and laments that far too many negative ads [have been] aired lately.

Mr. Charest respects all members, even those who disagree with him, insists Mr. Reynolds. We need to offer Canadians a united and inclusive Conservative Party with a new experienced leader, and he therefore believes that Jean Charest is the best candidate.

According to Mr. Reynolds , the CCP will not be able to win the next federal election or defeat the Liberals and form the next government if it is divided. He believes Jean Charest has the experience and credibility the party and Canadians need.

“It is clear to me that he is now the only leadership candidate who is able to equip the Conservative Party of Canada with a vision and a possible path towards the election of a government.

— John Reynolds, Co-Chair of Patrick Brown's National Campaign for CPC Leadership

And, Mr. Reynolds thinks, the CPC needs big ideas and serious solutions, not just slogans calling for more freedom, he says.

He emphasizes that Jean Charest is faithful to his principles and that he is not afraid to tackle difficult questions. According to Mr. Reynolds, it's time to give [power] back to the Conservative base [and] Jean Charest is the candidate who has the power to do it and who proposes to do it.

John Reynolds was co-chair of Patrick Brown's national campaign, but Brown was disqualified from the CPC leadership race last week.


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