CPC Leadership Race: A Final Three-Candidate Debate


CPC Leadership Race: A Final Three-Candidate Debate

Leslyn Lewis and Pierre Poilievre are at risk of being fined $50,000 for failing to participate in an official debate.

For the final official debate of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership candidates on Wednesday night, there will be no audience or podiums. Only three of the five aspirants will take part.

These are the former Progressive Conservative leader and former Quebec Premier, Jean Charest, the Member of Parliament for #x27;a rural Ontario, Scott Aitchison, and Roman Baber, a former Progressive Conservative MP from Ontario, whom Premier Doug Ford kicked out of caucus for his opposition to certain measures related to COVID-19.

Rather than standing on individual podiums, the three candidates will be placed around a table for the event which will take place in Ottawa. It will be presented partly in the form of a debate and partly in a round table format.

Discussions will be moderated by the president of the party. The event will be split into two 45-minute rounds, with contestants answering questions in English during the first section before switching to French for the second half.

While Jean Charest is perfectly bilingual, Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber have not yet demonstrated the ability to express themselves properly in Canada's two official languages.

Topics that should be covered include climate change, Indigenous peoples, leadership, health care and rural Canada.

The party's decision to hold a third debate after holding two formal debates in May drew heavy criticism from some party members, including the two candidates who decided not to run, Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis.

Mr. Poilievre's entourage released a statement saying the longtime MP, who is considered by many to be the frontrunner in the race, was going to remain focused on getting members to fill out their ballots.

Ms Lewis's campaign team meanwhile informed the party the last week that she would not participate in Wednesday's debate, saying she lacked details on the format or questions.

According to party rules, Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis are now at risk of being fined $50,000 for failing to participate in a formal debate. Money will be taken from the $100,000 compliance deposit submitted by contestants to enter the race.


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