Creative man has turned a Tesla Model 3 in the sled

Изобретательный мужчина превратил Tesla Model 3 в снегоход

The resident has converted his electric Tesla Model 3 in the sled. Rear wheel, he replaced the tracks. The car was tested on a snowy road and have done well. Relevant photos and videos Tesla the man showed in Instagram.

The alteration has undergone a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus worth about 40 thousand dollars. The car accelerates of up to 255 kilometers per hour and can travel without recharging 409 kilometers.

The experimenter notes that the complexity of the conversion was the fact that after replacing the wheels on the caterpillar design of the electric vehicle took a load during extreme downhill.

The movie the social network has already been seen by almost 20 million users. The blogger in the comments advised to install the tracks on electropica Cybertruck.

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