Cretaceous dinosaur skeleton sold for $6 million


    Skeleton of a Cretaceous dinosaur sold for $6 million

    Sotheby's auction house announced a new announcement. This Thursday, he sold the complete skeleton of a dinosaur that lived for 6.1 million dollars (6 million euros). in the late Cretaceous, the only one of its kind that was available on the market for private collectors.

    This dinosaur, called Gorgosaurus, is a relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex but faster and smaller, about three meters tall and more than six long, and only about twenty specimens of this species have been found, so its auction has caused controversy among scientists.

    The buyer, who is currently anonymous, has paid $6.1 million including commissions in a Sotheby's bid focused on natural history in New York, a figure that falls in the middle of the range. between 5 and 8 million dollars for which the fossil was offered (4.9-7.8 million euros).

    The house has indicated as a curiosity that < strong>this specimen does not have a nickname and that its new owner will have a nickname. right to choose one.

    The passing into private hands of the singular skeleton,found in 2018 in the state of Montana (northwest of the United States), has been criticized by some scientists, who point to the growing commercialization of fossils and the loss that it may entail for paleontological research.

    However, the buyer may have been a museum or institution, as has happened on other occasions.

    Sotheby's has a long history of selling dinosaur fossils, and in 1997 it was the first to offer a complete skeleton, the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex known as “Sue”, which was sold for sale. for 8.36 million dollars to the Field Museum in Chicago, where it can be visited.

    The record is held by “Stan”, a Tyrannosaurus Rex auctioned for 31.8 million in 2020 and whose buyer has been revealed this year by National Geographic: a natural history museum that is being built in Abu Dhabi and will open its doors in 2025.

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