Criminal Harassment: Ex-Trois-Rivières Police Officer David Ross Avoids Jail

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Criminal harassment: ex-Trois-Rivières policeman David Ross avoids jail time

The legal proceedings relating to the David Ross case took place at the Montreal courthouse (July 2021).

Former Trois-Rivières police officer David Ross, who pleaded guilty to charges of criminal harassment against two ex-spouses, avoids prison, but will still have a criminal record. This is a setback for the former member of the police force who hoped to obtain an absolution in order to continue his professional trips abroad.

Judge André Perreault mentioned that granting a discharge to David Ross would have harmed the administration of justice and the public trust. He subjected David Ross to a three-year probation period, in addition to imposing a series of conditions on him.

Society has more to gain from such a sentence than from imprisonment, the judge believes.

During this period , he will not be able to come into direct or indirect contact with the victims, approach their home or place of work, or refer to them on social networks.

He will also have to undergo therapy for violent men in a marital or family context. He must report these meetings to a probation officer. He cannot own firearms. If he fails to comply with these conditions, David Ross could then be sentenced to prison.

During sentencing submissions in August 2022, David Ross' lawyer, Denis Gallant, argued that a prison sentence would be unreasonable in the circumstances. Rather, the Crown argued that consecutive prison terms for each count would be more appropriate. She was asking for 11 months in prison, followed by two years probation with supervision and the obligation to submit to therapy, since she considered her risk of recidivism to be high.

The 45-year-old was also originally charged with assault, but the physical elements of those charges were eventually included in the harassment charges.

The statement Common facts presented to the court in 2021 revealed that David Ross accused one of his victims of wearing perfume, makeup and low-cut clothes.

At a party, he accused one of the women of hitting on his work colleague and then punished her by forcing her to walk home. David Ross had also admitted, in particular, to having pulled his hair.

He also once grabbed the arm of one of the complainants to follow him. A gesture that he reproduced with the other victim. The policeman often passed in front of the residence of one of them and paid her unscheduled visits, even at her new spouse.

The criminal harassment of David Ross against his two ex-spouses took place between 2005 and 2017. David Ross admitted to having consulted the database of the Center for Police Intelligence of Quebec (CRPQ) as well as that of the Société de l&#x27 ;assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) to obtain information on its victims and on the mother of one of them.

However, he specified that he had, for example, sought to obtain their new address in order to forward mail to them. The court did not believe this version and raised contradictions in the testimony of David Ross who admitted during the proceedings that he had done so because of his great jealousy.

However, he specified that he had, for example, sought to obtain their new address in order to send them mail. This system, accessible to all police officers, cannot however be used for personal purposes.

Evidence presented in court by the Crown showed dozens of requests spread over 20 days. The court held that a good part of these unauthorized uses were part of the dynamic of control, jealousy and distrust that he maintained with his spouses.

David Ross had said during the observations relating to his sentence to have realized all the harm he had caused to the two women, but had sworn to be from now on a new man, in particular due to therapy.

The accused's therapeutic approach was not enough to convince the court that his risk of recidivism is zero. When delivering his decision, the judge recalled that David Ross conducted further searches of the police information system after his therapy ended.

The legal proceedings continue are held in Montreal, since the accused, a former police officer in Trois-Rivières for 17 years, did not consider that he could obtain fair treatment since he knew the stakeholders who gravitate in the Mauricie justice system well. The City of Trois-Rivières fired him on September 22, 2021. He had previously been suspended without pay since the start of the legal proceedings.

David Ross believes that the loss from his job as a police officer deprived him of approximately $2 million, including the lifetime pension fund. At the time of the submissions relating to the sentence, he had expressed the wish to find, one day, his uniform.

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