Cristiano Ronaldo: “Guardiola did everything possible to bring me to City”

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Cristiano Ronaldo: "Guardiola did everything possible to bring me to City"

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldoleft more headlines this Wednesday on television and affirmed that He said that he was close to signing for Manchester City, at the same time that he confessed that he had been accused. He said that Pep Guardiola “did everything possible” to bring him to the neighboring team.

“I was close to going to Manchester City, it's something I talked about a lot. They tried Guardiola did everything possible to bring me to City, but my heart, my feeling, what I had done before and Sir Alex FergusonThey made a difference,” he confessed in the TalkTV interview that began on Sunday.

The Portuguese star returned to life. He began to criticize his current club and left the club. Of course, his return to Manchester surprised him. “worse”. “When I signed for United I expected that something would have changed, I spent nine years at Madrid, then at Juventus… But I was surprised for the worse. Everything was still the same, the technology, everything It's something that surprised me, I didn't expect it. Everything was the same,” he said.

“Right now it is a club that is not at the highest level. I hope that in the future they can be that again. They have not moved, it is as if the clock had stopped,” said the club. the Portuguese, who recognized the He says that criticism doesn't affect him and that he doesn't like wasting time with people “who don't like him.”

At the same time, the interviewer, Piers Morgan, asks him about the reasons for his What success and why? he believes that he has so many followers on social media. “I don't know for sure, sometimes I wonder, why am I number one? I think I'm charismatic and I think being attractive helps,” he says without modesty.

The interview, which will follow this Thursday, he already had a breakthrough on Sunday in which the Portuguese footballer attacked the ball. He lashed out at his coach, Erik ten Hag, whom he “doesn't respect”, as well as against some leaders of the 'Red Devils', for feeling “betrayed”, and his former teammate Wayne Rooney.