Cristina Kirchner accuses the Argentine prosecutor of subjecting her to a judicial “firing squad”

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Cristina Kirchner accuses the Argentine prosecutor of subjecting her to a judicial "firing squad" /></p></li></ul><p>Argentine vice president, <strong>Cristina Ferná ndez de Kirchner,</strong> declared the This Tuesday that <strong> </strong>the court that judges her in a <strong>case for alleged corruption</strong> in the concession of public works during her previous governments (2007-2015) is a “<strong>firing squad</strong>“.<strong></strong>The <strong>sentence </strong>will be announced immediately. The next December 6, in the midst of the euphoria of the World Cup, if the light blue and white team stays in <strong>Qatar</strong>.</p><p>Fernández de Kirchner assured the that the prosecutor <strong>Diego Luciani</strong>, who has accused her of leading an <strong>illicit association</strong>, has “invented facts” and has hidden others to the point of “<strong>misrepresent and lie</strong>“.<strong> </strong>During her argument before the judges, delivered virtually from her office in the Senate, the vice president considered that Luciani's actions served as a broth of culture for the frustrated assassination of September 1. “<strong>The bullet that did not go out and the ruling that yes. will come out</strong>“, he added about an opinion that he does not believe will be favorable to him. “Look if there will not be a decision. an identification with a firing squad and this cause”, he said. Kirchner remarked In this sense, <strong>Brenda Uriarte</strong>, one of the people arrested for the frustrated attack, was an enthusiastic follower of the prosecutor on social networks.</p><p>The prosecutor's office has requested < strong>12 years in prison and disqualification from elective office</strong>. His lawyers assured that Luciani has participated in a judicial farce without providing a single incriminating evidence. “I was not mistaken. The sentence was written, but I did not imagine that I was going to be as badly accused as I was by the prosecution. <strong> Nothing they said could prove it </strong>,” said Mr. about.</p><p>According to the defense, throughout the process the It has been shown that the Executive power never pressured the government. He asked Congress to approve the budget laws that resulted in an allocation of resources for the Patagonian province of <strong>Santa Cruz</strong>, which had been administered by <strong>Néstor Kirchner </strong> strong>and it was one of his political fiefdoms. Regarding the accusation of having defrauded the State while he governed, she pointed out: “Do you seriously believe that my Government committed fraud against the Public Administration? We, who delivered a country Are you deleveraging?”.</p><p>Under the Administration of <strong>Mauricio Macri </strong>(2015-19), Argentina took the lead. An unprecedented loan from the <strong> International Monetary Fund (IMF) </strong>of more than 45,000 million dollars. Without naming him, Fernández de Kirchner said that the former president and the former governor from Buenos Aires “do not have any legal problems” and “are in Qatar, watching the World Cup.”</p><p><iframe width=

Crí ;ethics to the media

According to the vice president, the prosecution has dedicated itself throughout the process to “insulting, aggravating, insulting and acting not in accordance with the law but rather as a editorial of Clarín or La Nación“. “They deserve to be the star journalists of these outlets,” she said after mentioning the main Argentine newspapers.

The leader maintained that the federal courts focus on the cases that have her As an alleged member of a criminal group, instead of investigating the attempted murder of which he was a victim “Maybe my death, my murder, may not be considered an act of shock ;public,” he said in his final statement.

Political impact

The right-wing opposition has celebrated the performance Luciani's death and has made him one of his new heroes.The judicial horizon of the vice president could be even more complicated if two cases that had been archived for more than a year are reopened. All this is happening while Fernández de Kirchner is considering the possibility of running for the pres 2023 presidential elections, in which Peronism, currently in power, seems to be headed for certain defeat.