Croquet is getting a facelift in Sherbrooke


The croquet lives a facelift in Sherbrooke

La Ligue de croquet extreme de Sherbrooke-Estrie meets on the first Tuesday of each month in front of Sherbrooke City Hall.

Croquet is getting a serious facelift in the Sherbrooke and Estrie Extreme Croquet League, launched during the pandemic by a group of friends. Twenty people now participate in this reinvented version of the traditional sport.

Extreme croquet is the desire to come together from many people who were at home, who did not know what to do. We are not all related to certain sports, so we said to each other that we will meet, we will drink tea, we will put on music and play croquet, says Andrew Tremblay , the Secretary of the League.

The League is called extreme for several reasons. The participants play in particular rain or shine.

“We play four seasons. We play as much in the snow as in the mud as in the rain”

— Andrew Tremblay, secretary of the Ligue de croquet Extrême de Sherbrooke et de l'Estrie.

Jumps, rings and pipes also adorn the playing field. These modules created by the participants make it possible to spice up the games. Players can thus accumulate points in the classic way, by passing their ball through a hoop, or by performing more extreme movements in the modules, which earn them points awarded by their peers.

Players build mods themselves.

Alex BG is one of the first participants in the league. It is behind many modules used by players. I said it would be hot to do little mods. I started by making sheet metal pipes, doing a little jump. Each time, I bring something new, and soon there will be pyrotechnics and fire, he exclaims laughing.

One ​​of the League modules.

Participants also created their own set of rules. Some of them are classic croquet. Others, like the requirement to wear a hat, listen to Dubstep-style electronic music, and drink tea during all games, are more eclectic.

Games take place every month in front of Sherbrooke City Hall. However, the group sees big, and dreams of creating a league that will play in front of the National Assembly.

We thought it was a game linked to Quebec heritage. That's why we play in front of somewhat political places, explains Andrew Tremblay.

Over the games, participants say they have found a certain community in the group.

Especially during the pandemic, we were all alone, we had difficulty having events. There, we meet, we play a game, we drink a little tea, we talk, underlines La Freak du Show, the treasurer of the team.

Croquet is getting a serious facelift in the Sherbrooke-Estrie Extreme Croquet League

We can see that we are creating a certain buzz. It attracts attention, people participate. We are in our twenties, so it is inspiring to continue, adds the president of the League Alexandre Boulanger.

Prospective croquet enthusiasts are invited to join the group for free every first Tuesday of the month.


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