Cross the Continent for $213: A Scenic Train Ride from California to New York That Will Win Your Heart


If you like long train journeys, this is a great deal and it's very economical! You can see the beauty of the United States on a $200 train ride from California to New York, according to Traveller365.

Cross the Continent for $213: A scenic train ride from California to New York that will win your heart

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Travel blogger Derek Lowe shares his tips for an extremely scenic coast-to-coast train ride.

When one thinks of travel, the first thing that comes to mind is an airplane trip, a flight that lasts about 6 hours. However, if you are a romantic traveler and ready for new experiences, then the opportunity to cross the continent by train is very different from traveling by plane, and not only for obvious reasons. You will discover many beauties of nature, unique landscapes, but at the same time you will be able to meet new people, being in the same space for many hours.

It is a 5500 km coast to coast route that takes 4 days if you do it non-stop. Buying direct tickets from the California Zephyr and Lake Shore Limited is enough to get you from San Francisco to New York, and tickets are available from $186.

However, Low encourages people to make intermediate stops along the way to take in the famous sights the United States has to offer and make the most of the trip, but specifies that they will need to purchase separate tickets for each part, which increases the cost of the trip. In this case, you will have to buy a 15-day pass for $429, which includes 8 train rides.

On this unique train ride, you will have the opportunity to travel through 11 states and 4 time zones to eventually cross the entire continent of North America from coast to coast. You will also be able to see both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, not from a plane.

From San Francisco to New York, Derek Lowe gives us a glimpse of his experience, which you can read more details here.


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