Crossing the Atlantic by sailboat: the voyage of Guillaume Haché

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Crossing the’ Atlantic by sailboat: Guillaume Haché's journey

Navigator Guillaume Haché at the wharf in Caraquet, New Brunswick, on August 26, 2022. He stopped there to pick up his wife and children, who made the last leg of the trip with him, to the wharf in Miscou .

The navigator Guillaume Haché de Lamèque is back home after a journey of several weeks at sea which allowed him to cross the Atlantic, notably along the coasts of Greenland and Terre -New.

He arrived at the Miscou wharf on Friday aboard his 46-foot sailboat.

Guillaume Haché chose to fly to Great Britain last April to do the acquisition of a European sailboat.

After a few months of refurbishment work, the Roly Jay set sail on July 21 from England with three crew members for her crossing of the Atlantic.

Guillaume Haché's Roly-Jay sailboat

Sea from Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Anticosti Island; it's been quite an adventure for Guillaume Haché.

The dream was to move north, to Iceland and Greenland. Those seas were a bit different, he says. I already had some experience navigating in the ice […] Compared to the bay of heats and all that, there is a little more swell. The sea has time to build with the bad weather.

Overall, the trip went very well: the crew had to face only one small storm, says Guillaume Haché.

There were winds of up to 45 knots at times, but the boat guided us in there, he said. It stirred, but it was going straight and it was going well […] We had pretty much everything we need to navigate safely.

Guillaume Haché was accompanied by two friends on the trip: Pascal Kerry from Lamèque, who joined the captain in Iceland by plane, and Pierre-Loïc Kuhm, who came from France.

In addition to having discovered new lands, the crew came out of this crossing with unforgettable memories.

The contrast of the activities you do on board is quite impressive, underlines Pierre-Loïc Kuhm. You have to repair a water pump under the northern lights or you bake your bread under the glaciers […] These are experiences you couldn't have anywhere other than on trips like this.

The Northern Lights put on a dazzling spectacle in the skies over Greenland.

A volcanic eruption took place in Iceland when the Roly Jay was off the coast, which was quite a sight for the crew members. They got to see it up close after docking in Iceland.

“In Iceland it was daylight. There were only a few hours of night.

— Guillaume Haché

Soon after, they set sail for Greenland and witnessed a drastic change in the landscape. It was ice rather than fire, illustrates Guillaume Haché. It was like a big video game with a little more reality.

Back home after 34 days at sea, Guillaume Haché has his head full of dreams.< /p>

For the moment, he wants to continue to tame the boat before embarking on new adventures with his wife and children.

< em>With information from the radio show L'heure de pointe Acadie and Mario Mercier

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