Cuteness Festival and Real Estate Buying Seminar: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (November 4-6)

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Cuteness Festival and Real Estate Buying Seminar: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (4 -November 6)

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What: Free admission to the Museum of Contemporary Jewish Art< /b>

When: Friday, November 4, from 11:00 am

Where: The Contemporary Jewish Museum, 736 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

More: The Contemporary Jewish Museum engages audiences of all backgrounds with dynamic exhibitions and programs that explore contemporary perspectives on Jewish culture, history, art, ideas. The architecture of the museum itself is also a work of art.

The museum's exhibition program, spanning a range of artistic disciplines and media, includes contemporary art, historical objects, films, music, talks, lectures, literary readings and other live performances.

Adults usually cost a ticket $16, but admission is free on the first Friday of each month.

Cost: Free


What: Tea Festival

Cuteness Festival and Real Estate Buying Seminar: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (November 4-6 )

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When: Saturday-Sunday, November 5-6

Where: Ferry Building Marketplace 1 Ferry Building San Francisco, CA 94111

More:Discover teas from global producers. Complimentary tastings await you to discover the latest tea trends and innovations, as well as a china tasting cup (you can take it with you). Throughout the day, you will find fun and communication with other tea lovers, presentations from experts and many souvenirs.

Price: $25-40

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What: Seminar on buying real estate in the USA with Irina Borts

When: Saturday, 5 Nov. 11:00 am

Where: Silicon Valley Business Center, 1900 Camden Ave (left side entrance), San Jose, CA 95124

More details:If you live in the Bay Area or dream of buying a home in California, then you are very lucky! Irina Borts, a Russian-speaking realtor with 25 years of experience in the United States, is organizing a free seminar during which she will walk you step by step through the process of buying property in America.

At the seminar, Irina will cover several topics step by step:

  • current trends in the US real estate market;
  • key points of the US home buying process;
  • how to avoid the most common mistakes when buying a home in America.

In addition, she will answer questions from the seminar guests.

Irina Borts is an experienced real estate broker. She has been selling and buying homes in California since 1997. Hundreds of successful transactions have already accumulated during this time. Customer reviews of Irina's work are presented here.

If you have any questions about selling or buying real estate in California, you can contact the office of Irina Bortz at 408-599-7007.

Price: Free


What: Cuteness Festival

Cuteness Festival and Real Estate Buying Seminar: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (November 4-6)

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When: Saturday, November 5, from 12:00

Where:Vallejo Veterans Memorial Building | 420 Admiral Callaghan Lane Vallejo

More: This is San Francisco's first ever cuteness (kawaii) festival. Wonderful talented anime artists and illustrators, the coolest vendors, as well as handmade candles and soaps, resin and wood crafts, stationery and stickers, toys, glass jars and glasses, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Sanrio, jewelry and accessories are waiting for you. , crochet clothes and bags, key chains, pendants, pins, delicious desserts and more.

Cost: Free


What: Laugh League in San Francisco Bay Area

When: Saturday, November 5, from 20:00

Where: Palace of fine arts 3301 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123

More: Ukraine's best and most popular humorous project “League of Laughter” is going to the USA and Canada.

Your favorite top teams from all seasons and throughout the history of the League will come together.

Dnepr is the most experienced humorous team in Ukraine. The team started playing in KVN and became its vice-champion. Two superstars of Ukrainian humor take part in its composition at once – Igor Lastochkin and Yuriy Tkach. In the “League of Laughter”, the team received the title of “Best Legend” and became the owner of the League's winter cup.

Veterans of Space Wars are the champions of the fifth season of the League of Laughter. This is one of the most beloved teams of the audience. The trio of charismatic guys are already well known to both television and YouTube viewers.

“Trio different” is the best female team, refuting the stereotype of the so-called female humor. At the moment, the girls are participants in the project “Women's Quarter” of the studio “Quarter-95”, but at the same time, they continue their activities as a team of the “League of Laughter”. In 2020, Trio Different became the owners of the Summer Cup.

Vinnytsia + Rest Together is a team of frontmen of the two most popular teams of the League, a feature of this tour. In this composition, the team will show the best and favorite numbers of this humorous tandem.

You will see both individual favorite numbers of each of the teams, as well as the most unexpected collaborations of the participants. And, of course, absolutely new miniatures for the topic of the day. You will feel the Ukrainian view of the modern world from the inside and understand that even a full-scale war cannot break the Ukrainian spirit and sense of humor. Because, as they say in Ukraine, we laugh, we don’t give up. (“We laugh, so we don’t give up.”)

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the League of Help, a charitable foundation for helping Ukraine.

After the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, none of the mockers remained on the sidelines. Almost all of them are in Ukraine. Some of them joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while the majority are volunteers helping the army and the country. But none of them stopped doing humor. From the very beginning of the invasion of the aggressor, the participants of the “League of Laughter” give charity concerts, raise funds and simply cheer up the people of Ukraine.

Tickets are here.

Price: From $70


What: Art Fair

When: Sunday, November 6, from 12:00

Where: Noe Street Between Market and Beaver St. 258 Noe San Francisco, CA 94114

Read more:Every first Sunday of the month, San Francisco hosts an incredible arts and crafts fair for local artists and artisans. Enjoy performances by local musicians, DJs, comedians and other artists. Wander through the stalls filled with amazing finds for you and your home, or gifts for that special someone.

Price: Free


What: Motanka doll workshop

When: Sunday, November 6, from 12 :00

Where: Ukrainian School of San Francisco, 345 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

More:The Ukrainian school in San Francisco invites you to attend a master class on making a wish doll. This event will be hosted by artist-designer and founder of the Glow Art brand Tatiana Protcheva.

Tatiana will show you how to make a winding doll that can make your wishes come true.

It has long been customary in Ukraine that long before the birth of a child, the mother laid a knotted doll in the cradle, which was supposed to inhabit it. It was made from fabric or threads without the help of a needle and scissors. After the birth of the child, the doll remained in the cradle and protected him from all evil. Therefore, she was called Bereginya.

In addition, the amulet was given on a long journey to her husband, son, brother. With a doll made with her own hands, the mother, blessing her daughter for a happy marriage, gave it before the wedding. Such a doll was not supposed to look like a person, so they made it without a face. The beauty of the doll was judged on the taste and skill of its owner. Bright fabric, embroidery and beads were used.

At her master class, Tatyana Protcheva offers to make her own Bereginya, which can decorate the festive table of any event. These dolls, among other things, are able to fulfill your desires.

Price: From $0


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