Cyberattack exposes Sixt user data


    A cyberattack exposes Sixt user data

    Sixt customers in Spain ;a could have your datacommitted. Users of the German car rental giant have recently received a letter informing them that the company ;a suffered a cyber attack that has exposed some of your personal information. “Unfortunately, our analysis has shown that some data was copied by the attackers, including individual customer data,” the statement reads.

    On April 29, Sixt detected certain “computer irregularities” that forced it to restrict access to the company's systems, which has more than 2,000 establishments in more than 110 countries. It was reported to the authorities, it was denounced The attack was reported and an internal investigation was launched to clarify what happened.

    In the letter sent to its customers, Sixt specifies that the personal data that has been left in the hands of cybercriminals is their name and surname, card number, postal and email addresses, as well as their personal data. such as information related to the rental of vehicles, from the payment method to information on official documents shared with the company, such as the DNI or driver's license.

    New threats

    The cyberattack would not have exposed the password or credit card number of its users. However, that doesn't mean they can't fall victim to other scams. And it is that the stolen data mentioned above can be used by criminals to impersonate Sixt or other companies to launch personalized attacks and deceive customers whose data has been exposed. This method is known as 'phishing' and is one of the most common in Spain.

    That is why Sixt has alerted its customers, asking them to be “on the lookout for any suspicious activity” that they may receive via email or mobile phone and to avoid clicking on unknown links, which could open the computer virus door of their systems to perpetrate new attacks.


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