Cyberbullying of Amanda Todd: Aydin Coban sentenced to 13 years in prison

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Cyberbullying of Amanda Todd: Aydin Coban sentenced to 13 years in prison

Defence recommended 2 years in prison, while Crown in asked 12.

Amanda Todd's mother now wants to work to educate young people about online sexual exploitation.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has ruled: Dutchman Aydin Coban, convicted of leading an online harassment and extortion campaign against Amanda Todd, a teenager who committed suicide in 2012, receives a sentence of 13 years in prison.

Warning : This report contains details of an online extortion and harassment campaign that may be traumatic for some readers.

This sentence exceeds by one year that which had been recommended by the Crown. Destroying Amanda's life was Mr. Coban's clear objective. And sadly, he succeeded, Judge Martha Devlin said Friday afternoon.

Amanda Todd will never become an adult, the judge reminded.

“Mr. innocent. He persisted for years, as she begged him to stop.

—British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Martha Devlin

In 2012, the Port Coquitlam teenager took her own life after being subjected to a long blackmail campaign by Aydin Coban. She was only 15.

Now 44, Aydin Coban used 22 different pseudonyms to harass her on various online platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

He posted pornographic images of the teenager on the Internet and constantly threatened to send them to those around her. Aydin Coban also used some of his aliases to pose as friends of the girl who were worried about her.

Aydin Coban started harassing her when she had 12 years old.

Before her suicide, Amanda Todd posted a video on YouTube that went around the world, in which she testified to the trauma she was going through with the help of small cards on which was written what she wanted to express.

Teenager Amanda Todd committed suicide on October 10, 2012 after a three-year online blackmail campaign.

Even though Amanda is no longer with us today, her voice has been heard. Her video gave us a window into her torment, Judge Martha Devlin said.

In court, she listed, one by one, the many factors she took into account in her decision. She notably cited the risk that Aydin Coban poses to the public, the premeditated and persistent aspect of the harassment he subjected Amanda Todd to, its impact on the teenager, but also on her family, who experienced emotional distress.

This is a day of justice for Amanda, justice for all children, the victim's mother, Carol Todd, told the media in tears, out of court.

For Carol Todd, this sentence will be a precedent on which judges can rely for all other similar cases to her daughter's.

I hope Amanda is out there watching from somewhere, seeing how much her voice has changed for all of us, did you -she added, a photo of Amanda Todd in hand.

“I can't bring Amanda back, but with her story I can save others.

—Carol Todd, mother of Amanda Todd

I thought [Aydin Coban] would have a sentence set somewhere between [2 and 12 years]. That she exceeded what the Crown was asking for was mind-boggling. Like on August 6, when I heard the six guilty verdicts, she added.

At the time of his extradition in December 2021, Aydin Coban was already serving a sentence in the Netherlands for similar offenses against more than 30 young victims.

Because the defendant has been convicted of similar crimes in the past and shows no interest in rehabilitation, prosecutors deemed him to be at high risk of reoffending.

A sketch of Aydin Coban in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, New Westminster.

The Crown had therefore recommended to the Supreme Court of British Columbia a sentence of 12 years in prison, stating that the harassment experienced by Amanda Todd was calculated, cruel, with devastating consequences.

At a hearing on Thursday, defense lawyer Joseph Saulnier explained that extending Aydin Coban's prison sentence would be too harsh, as he was already serving an 11-year prison sentence in the United States. -Down. Joseph Saulnier asked for a two-year prison sentence.

Judge Martha Devlin ultimately decided otherwise. She had already questioned the reasoning of the defense on several occasions on Thursday, claiming in particular that she was not subject to Dutch law. She also added that the offenses committed by Aydin Coban against Amanda Todd were unrelated to the sentence he was already serving in the Netherlands.

In August, Aydin Coban was found guilty of three counts of extortion, harassment and attempted child luring online as well as two counts of possession of child pornography.

Adyan Coban will now be deported to the Netherlands and serve his 13-year sentence from August 2024, once his other conviction has expired.

With information from Wildinette Paul

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