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CyberGhost slashes prices for summer sales!

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It is very likely that you use essential applications on your smartphones and tablets: managing your social networks, accessing your bank accounts, organizing your trips, watching your favorite films and series. But have you thought about your security when using these platforms ?

To protect your anonymity online and guarantee the confidentiality of all information Concerning you, the VPN presents itself as a solution of choice. This digital protection device is also capable of optimizing your browsing on your favorite websites.

With an incredible discount (-83%), still stands out any further. Let's explore together what makes this VPN great!

CyberGhost: absolute security and unlocked content

The CyberGhost VPN constitutes a secure tunnel which passes all data while protecting it from any diversion. From a “technical” point of view, the information is encrypted with the AES-256 bit algorithm which guarantees that the data is not exploitable if it eventually comes to be stolen by a hacker.

The advantages of CyberGhost in terms of cybersecurity do not stop there since its VPN also allows you to hide your real IP address by replacing it by a borrowed IP address. This function is useful for bypassing the geographic restrictions implemented by many streaming platforms.

For this, CyberGhost uses a huge network of more than 12,000 serverssome of which are dedicated to downloading and others to streaming. The servers operated by the company are located in 100 different countries in order to be able to obtain an IP in each of them and simulate a presence there.

CyberGhost uses WireGuard, OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols to offer the best compromise between security and speed. The result is convincing since you will have no trouble enjoying exclusive content from Netflix abroad.

The CyberGhost application is practical and easy to use, even for Internet users who are not used to VPNs. You can download it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS but also on Smart TV, and is finally available in browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

The lowest price for a premium VPN (€2.03/month)

CyberGhost leaves nothing to chance and comes with a well-worked offer which allows you to have the lowest price by committing to the longest duration.

The price of protection and unlimited content on the internet thus drops to . A simply incredible price as the publisher is well positioned in all aspects. No compromise and a great price!

In addition to significantly reducing the price compared to 1 month subscriptions (€11.99) and 6 months < em>(€6.99/month), CyberGhost adds 4 additional months free. For €56.94, you have 28 months of secure browsing and access to exclusive content. Without even going that far, this allows you not to miss anything from Euro 2024 football or the Wimbledon tournament.

And for this low price, you have the right to install the application on 7 devices and to connect simultaneously to the many servers of CyberGhost. By subscribing now, everyone around you (family and friends) will be able to benefit from it.

CyberGhost does not forget to offer a dedicated IP option for only €2.50 more per month (still over 2 years). but it is above all its “satisfied or refunded” guarantee that drives the point home! This is valid, unconditionally, for 45 days.

Finally, let us add that it is responsive and efficient in handling technical or commercial questions. By email or instant messaging 24/7, advisors are even able to respond in French (during office hours).

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