Cyril Hanouna dad, he reveals a rare video with his two children

Cyril Hanouna dad, he reveals a rare video with his two children

Cyril Hanouna shared an adorable video with his two children on his Instagram account. Fans rediscover him as a papa poule and melt.

The host of the flagship show Hands off my post(TPMP) has once again softened the hearts of its fans. Formerly a radio host on the Fun Radio or Virgin Radio channels, it’s now on the small screen that he maintains his celebrity. His famous talk show brings together many columnists and he invites all kinds of public figures. The animator is ambitious and his projects are a hit. He is also transparent about it but has a habit of remaining discreet about his personal life. A habit that he seems to be losing since he is gradually sharing his intimacy on his social networks.

He is revealing himself more and more lately and that does not displease his fans. Cyril Hanouna had posted the face of his son Lino recently on social networks. His daughter Bianca then quickly appeared in turn on his Instagram account. The touching photos and videos of his children are very popular and the famous father seems to have understood this well. Yesterday, he delighted his fans with a new unpublished video of his little family.

The star host of the small screen shares a unique family moment

It’s on Instagram that the C8 star posted with her two children. The little family takes advantage of an outing to the restaurant to have fun. In the video, Cyril Hanouna sings a song with his two children. They take turns adding lyrics and the children seem to know the song better than their father. They beat him to the punch. Cyril Hanouna admits defeat and writes: “I'm not ready!! Lino and Bianca put me to shame“. Fans gently mock the host. They are loved and amused by this video as evidenced by the comments. We can for example read: “my darlings of love“, “they are magnificent his children“. The family is touching, and enjoys their weekend. The host shares his joie de vivre with his fans who are becoming more and more attached to this new facet of the famous father. He also opened up about his big-screen debut, which will unveil a new face of the star host and introduce him to a whole new audience. We can't wait to hear more about this new project.

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