Cyril Hanouna, the 'showman' of French television who rows in favor of the extreme right

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  • favor of the ultras Zemmour and Le Pen

Cyril Hanouna, the 'showman' of French television who rows in favor of the extreme right

The presenter Cyril Hanouna against the left-wing deputy Louis Boyard. In the last week, rivers of ink flowed in France about the row that one of the showmans of French television gave this young representative, 22 years, from the progressive coalition NUPES—made up of France Unsubmissive, the Socialist Party, the greens and the communists—. “Jester”, “shut your mouth”, “you're sick”, “a piece of shit” or “you're useless, shut up!”, the journalist from one of the police told him on November 10. programs most watched in the evenings by French viewers to the youngest deputy in the history of the Fifth Republic, who ended up in office. leaving the set to the applause of the public.

to what? was due Where is this humiliation? Boyard committed the sin of speaking on the program Touche pas mon poste! (TPMP, Don't touch my post!), presented by Hanouna on the C8 channel, about the Judicial investigations in Africa of the business of entrepreneur Vincent Bolloré, one of the 10 richest men in France and criticized for having built a media empire. that promotes ultraconservative ideas. The insults against Boyard, who reproached He asked the presenter not to let him criticize the owner of the chain, they represent yet another controversy involving Hanouna, considered an “essential cog” of the “Bolloré system”.

With Jewish and Tunisian roots

After the incident, the deputy, a member of the Francia Insumisa (affiliated with Podemos), presented a complaint. filed a complaint against Hanouna and asked for the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate Bolloré's influence on the country. about the media. The presenter answered: He filed another complaint and organized a program about this incident, in which his commentators dedicated themselves to insulting and branding Boyard, who had participated regularly in TPMP last year, as “ungrateful”. 

< p>That broadcast on November 14 retained more than two million viewers in front of the television, being the most watched this year. Exceeded He narrowly missed another program in October dedicated to the lurid murder of the teenager Lola, in which he defended himself against the murder. the reinstatement of the death penalty. The body in charge of regulating the media announced a new decision. This Friday that he had ordered a formal notice to the presenter for that broadcast in which an ode to punitive populism was made.

Far-right ideas about immigration and security and their ghost of a France on the verge of a civil war over religions —and that 70% of French people say they are not too interested in it. religions— They have a powerful speaker with TPMP. All this thanks to a showman, whose profile seems the complete opposite of a spokesperson for conservatism, nationalism and Islamophobia. 

Son of a Jewish family. ;osSephardim from Tunisia, Hanouna, 48 years old, grew up in the city. In the residential town of Les Lilas in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, located on the northern outskirts of Paris and one of the poorest in France. Without having studied journalism, but fascinated by television, he made his first steps in the world as a scriptwriter and humorist. He presented entertainment and humor programs since the early 2000s. TPMP was created in 2010 for the public channel France 4 as a discussion program on television culture. It was the equivalent of a French Alfons Arús.

Allied with Zemmour and Le Pen

After So TPMP —whose name was inspired by a famous campaign of SOS Racism, in which Hanouna— was passed to the private chain C8, it became in a crime show. Hanouna presents himself as “a simple mediator” and defends his program as a “popular but not populist broadcast”, although he earns an annual salary of half a million euros. He assures that his only concern is to have more and more spectators and entertain them. But through the search for the show, the permanent zasca and speaking openly, even if this involves rudeness, the ideas of far-right were gaining weight. All this thanks to the filter of humor and entertainment.

The historian and university researcher Claire Sécail has presented this week the study 'The presidential elections according to Cyril Hanouna'. During the pre-campaign of the April elections, according to this academic article, TPMP dedicated a period of time. 44.7% of their air time to talk aboutultranationalist and Islamophobic polemicist Éric Zemmour, whose candidacy was catapulted by the Bolloré group, also made up of Canal +, the information chain CNews —known as the French Fox— and the radio station Europe 1.

The far-right Marine Le Pen also recounted her story. with the approval of a program in which she presented it to him. as a “benevolent” leader and as the “mother of the French”. Jordan Bardella MEP, who succeeded Mr. recently to Le Pen as president of the National Reunification, participated in the on five occasions in the last months in the broadcast. In it, he praised his ideal son-in-law smile. Quite a contrast with respect to the treatment received by the left-wing deputy.

Hanouna represents an “essential cog of Vincent Bolloré's group.” “I liken Bolloré to (Rupert) Murdoch's system to The Sun and The Times. Murdoch was playing on two different boards with two guys registries, which he mobilized in his culture war to advance his ultra-conservative ideas in the Thatcherian society of the 1980s”, explains Sécail in an interview for the digital Les Jours. Although the extreme right loses at the polls in France, his pawns advance worryingly on the board of ideas. All this thanks to unexpected allies like Hanouna.