Dacia Spring: available to order, what is the price?

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Dacia Spring: available to order, what is its price?

DACIA SPRING. After having unveiled its price list, the Dacia Spring is now available at the command. What is its price? What autonomy? The answers in our file.

[Updated; day on April 15, 2021 at; 11:47 a.m.] Will the Spring become the benchmark electric car on the market? ? In any case, this is the wish of the Romanian firm of Renault, which intends to ride the wave of its Dacia Sandero with its 100% electric city car. Its starting price is just as attractive and is a real selling point since the car is available at; from 12,403 euros (ecological bonus deducted), i.e. the cheapest electric model on the market.  The vehicle is also available for leasing from 89 euros per month. As a reminder, the car offers a range of 230 km WLTP combined (305 km WLTP City). Since March 20, the Spring has been accessible to all; order, with an advertising campaign entitled #SpringIsComing. 

Find the official photos of this Dacia Spring as well as all the information at: its subject below.

Dacia Spring electric: the photos

Discover the photos of the Dacia Spring in its final version by clicking on the image above!

Info on the electric Dacia Spring

Despite ; its low cost aspect, the Dacia Spring is all the same a 100 electric city car which has charm, here are five key points, the main information:

  • A front specific. With its full grille, its horizontal lights and a ribbed bonnet; and quite sculpted, the Spring offers a real modern, almost adventurous design.
  • Roof bars and trunk, the positives. With roof bars like on the Stepway or the Duster, the Dacia Spring offers a side very practical. Its trunk, with a capacity of of 290 liters, is very interesting, almost that of a Clio, however longer by almost 30 cm.
  • The Dacia Spring offers a 100% electric motor of 33kW with a 27.4kW battery. For its recharge, Dacia indicates less than an hour for a charge at 300 psi. 80% on a DC 30 kW terminal, less than 5 hours for a charge at 100% on a 7.4 kW Wallbox, less than 8:30  100% on a 3.7 kW Wallbox, less than 14 hours for a charge at 100% on a 2.3 kW domestic socket.
  • As far as autonomy is concerned, the Spring Electric has a range of 230 km in the WLTP cycle and 305 km in the WLTP City (homologation cycle comprising only the urban part of the homologated cycle). ).
  • In terms of equipment, the Dacia Spring offers several as standard, with, among others: speed limiter, ABS, ESP, electronic dispatcher braking system, 6 airbags, emergency call (SOS button), automatic switching on of lights and active emergency braking.

Equipment of the Dacia Spring < /h2>

If you already have some clues just above on the equipment of the Dacia Spring, here is the exhaustive list that you can find:

  • Speed ​​limiter
  • ABS and ESP
  •  Electronic brake force distribution
  •  6 airbags
  •  Emergency call (SOS button)
  •  Automatic headlights and active emergency braking
  • Steering 100% electric variable assistance
  •  Central locking to remote control and four electric windows
  • Available as an option, the Media Nav multimedia equipment with a 7-inch touch screen
  • Manual air conditioning, the multimedia system, the electric adjustments of the mirrors and a real spare wheel are available as options.

What is the autonomy of the Dacia Spring?

The Dacia Spring Electric has a range of 230 km in the WLTP cycle and 305 km in the WLTP City (homologation cycle comprising only the urban part of the homologated cycle). Dacia announces é also a wide choice of recharging on a 220V household socket using the cable supplied as standard, on a Wallbox (with the cable offered as an option) or on a DC terminal (optional). Here is the charging time:

  • Less than an hour for a single charge. 80% on a DC 30 kW terminal
  • Less than 5  100% on a 7.4 kW Wallbox
  •  Less than 8:30  100% on a 3.7 kW Wallbox
  • Less than 14  100% on a 2.3 kW domestic socket

Dacia Spring test

Concretely, what is the cheapest electric car on the market worth? on the road ? According to the Argus, who tested its autonomy and its handling, its behavior on the fast lane leaves to a grave; desired with a hard-to-sustain 110km/h and a "random heading hold". Autonomy radius, know that in 109 km, the Spring has consumed; 73% of its battery which concludes according to our colleagues at; a real range of 149 kilometres. On classic roads, the Spring offers "decent services" but in terms of autonomy, we still cringe. According to Argus, even if this time the electric city car displays energy recovery when driving below 80km/h, "l& On-road range stands at 182 km, against 230 km announced on the WLTP" cycle.

What is the price of the Dacia Spring?

The Dacia Spring is the cheapest car on the market; of electricity. For its standard comfort version, you will have to start with a starting price of 12,403 euros, deducting the ecological bonus. If you want equipment like a different shade, it will be 500 euros more. For the comfort plus series, no price explosion since the Spring will be accessible at any time. from 13,498 euros.

Is the Spring available for leasing?

Well yes, the leasing is at; fashion and Dacia is leaning on it with the launch of its Spring by offering for its comfort version a price of 89 euros per month with deducted ecological bonus + premium for the conversion or 94 euros for the super comfort series.

Dacia Spring available at; Leclerc

You can also find the Spring for rent and in preview in Leclerc stores in Paris. from 5  euros per day since April 6, 2021. Without commitment of duration, insurance and maintenance included (but excluding mileage costs), you can therefore test the 100% electric model before order from Dacia.

What release date?

Dacia has announced; the release of its Spring, it will be on pre-order at from March 20, 2021 for the first deliveries in the fall. Its Cargo version (its utility) will be available at; from 2022.

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