Dadju: a great French star refuses to write him a song, he explains why

Dadju: a great French star refuses to write him a song, he explains why

Between the release of his new album and that of his film in the cinema, Dadju is swimming in full success. But that does not prevent him from also experiencing some disappointments: a great French star refused to write him a song. Explanations.

This Friday, May 13, Dadju released his third album, titled Cullinan. The disc notably contains the single King, released last February. But the rapper is at the heart of double news: the film Ima, in which he plays himself, has also been in theaters since May 11. Two projects that he imagined and built together: “I wrote at the same time. I've been on this new album since late 2020. I really wanted to take it slow. […] I know the album is good. Every time I wrote a title, I thought of a scene so that the screenwriter could integrate it into the film. It’s the album that was written for the movie, not the other way around.”, Dadju told Pure Charts.

So if he seems rather inspired and productive, Dadju has nevertheless always been open to artistic collaborations. He has achieved many feats, including the most significant with Aya Nakamura, Vitaa, Black M or even Sofiane. Not to mention those with his big brother Master Gims. Surprisingly, the artist would now dream of doing a duet with Celine Dion! But she would be very difficult to contact. So in 2018, Dadju tried to get closer to the one who made the singer so successful in the 90s: “I‘had the chance to speak with Jean-Jacques Goldman because I'm a big fan. I asked him if it’s possible to write me a song.”, he confided in En aparté on Canal +.

Dadju's proposal declined by Jean-Jacques Goldman

But then, how did the discussion between Dadju and Jean-Jacques Goldman end? To date, no collaboration between the two artists seems to have succeeded… The reason? Jean-Jacques Goldman would henceforth reserve his compositions for close friends. In any case, this is what Dadju said: “He answered me very kindly, telling me that he really liked what I was doing. But that, unfortunately, he had stopped composing. He only does it for his close friends.A disappointment certainly for Prince Dadj. But also an honor to have been able to exchange with one of his idols: “He answered me in such a frank way that I wanted to say: 'Sorry for having disturbed you Mr. Goldman! '” With Dadju's current success, will Jean-Jacques Goldman soon change his mind? To be continued…

Dadju talks about his exceptional rise in La Dalle

“I always liked to sing but I never wanted to make a career in music until late.”From his beginnings with The Shin Sekaï until From his enormous solo success to his acting career, Dadju looks back on his exceptional career in La Dalle. 💯 He is starring in the movie “Ima”, currently in theaters. 🍿

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