Daft Punk Breaks Up, Band Make Video Announcement

Daft Punk Breaks Up, Band Make Video Announcement

It’s the end for the Daft Punk duo! We tell you about it …

In the music recap of the week, we find Jul who is a platinum record with Loin du monde, Wejdene who unveils a new one and Ed Sheeran who talks about his new album … But if there is a news that we did not see it coming, it is indeed the announcement of the separation of Daft Punk ! The French DJ duo formed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in 1993 just announced the end of their collaboration on Monday through a video posted on their official YouTube page. In this video, they appear in a desert, one of them starts a one-minute countdown by pressing a button on the other’s back that will eventually explode …

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A nice way to announce the end of an era … The duo, which was formed in 1993, therefore ends this beautiful story in 2021. Since the publication of this video, tributes and messages follow one another on social networks. Some stars do not hesitate to express their sadness and we can very well understand why … Otherwise, in the rest of the musical news, Ariana Grande, Jérémy Frérot, Wejdene, Reÿn are in our playlist of the new releases of the week at listen urgently!

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