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Daft Punk opening Paris Olympic Games?” /></p>
<p>Thomas Jolly, director at success in charge of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, does not rule out the idea. </p>
<p>The ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games promises to be memorable. At the head of the event, the young director success, Thomas Jolly, noticed for his staging of the musical comedy <em>Starmania</em>, multi-awarded in 2023, notably at Molières where he dropped out the trophy for musical performance but also that for visual and sound creation.</p>
<p>Guest this Tuesday morning from L&eac;a Salamé on France Inter, Thomas Jolly wasé questioned on the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, which will be held on July 26, 2024 on the Seine, in Paris. Paris. When asked about French artists who could perform the show, Thomas Jolly left hearing that a return of Daft punk, separated in 2019, was not on the cards. exclude.</p>
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Les Daft Punk à la cérémonie d'ouverture des JO ?

"Ce serait très heureux qu'ils soient dans cette cérémonie. On ne peut pas ne pas y penser", répond Thomas Jolly, avant de confier plus tard : "J'ai un peu menti sur les Daft Punk…" #le710inter pic.twitter.com/Wju8N4KDKS

— France Inter (@franceinter) October 24, 2023

"That would be very happy let them be in this ceremony. We can't not think of Daft Punk when we think of; an international exhibition,” says the director. When to find out if the most famous French duo in the world will be tempted by the invitation…

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