Dagmara Kaźmierska nervously announced that it was the end. What was it


The heroine of “The Queen of Life” got pissed off with the fans.

 Dagmara Kaźmierska nervously announced that it was the end. What went on

Dagmara Kaźmierska is known for her self-confidence, love of luxury, direct approach to people and humility towards higher forces .

She is loud, funny and likes to help, which she has proven many times by trying to get her friends out of their alcohol addiction. She is a caring, loving mother who supports her son at every stage of his life.

He is active on social media, for some time he has mastered the Polish TikTok, where he meets supporters during live broadcasts.

Dagmara Kaźmierska leaves TV?

However, something has ceased to bring her joy due to media recognition. There were harsh words on TikTok …

In a series of videos, Dagmara began to talk about the pros and cons of a television career. She admitted that she was happy that she was in front of the cameras, but in her private life, her recognition is very hard on her. She spoke about the behavior of people who aggressively harass her, disturb her and annoy her at the most unexpected moments.

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I just & hellip; I'm out of patience. Something happened to my head, really. Television & ndash; cool, no one hurt me there, great, I got a headache. That is why I slept * in Egypt. I don't want this TV anymore. I'm tired of TV, popularity, people, I don't want this money – the celebrity complained.

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She also told about her biggest mistake during her cooperation with television, which was revealing her place of residence. Now Dagmara can't help but want to take a picture of her, take a selfie with her or get an autograph. As she wrote, there are crowds in front of her house every day.


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