Dahmer sequel: will there be a season 2 on Netflix?

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Given the public's fascination with the story of Dahmer: Monster – The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer, will Netflix and series creator Ryan Murphy consider a season 2 ?

The sordid story of Jeffrey Dahmer is as chilling as it is intriguing, like many of the lives of serial killers. Given the end of Ryan Murphy's series for Netflix, the return of Evan Peters' psychopath seems off to a bad start. However, it is still possible that a new season is coming. Here's all the info we have on the sequel to Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: release date, trailer, cast, filming…

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Is Dahmer season 2 confirmed?

Given the season finale of Dahmer, which is based on the sordid true story of the American serial killer of the same name, one would have could have believed that there would be no season 2. However, Netflix announced on its Twitter account on November 7, 2022 that two new seasons are planned. These would tell the life of other monsters of our modern society in an anthology format, as for America Crime Story, another work by Ryan Murphy. Each season will therefore focus on a different murderer, it remains to be seen which ones.

Following the record-breaking success of DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy & Ian Brennan will create two more installments that will focus on other monstrous figures who have impacted society.

A second season of The Watcher has also been greenlit! pic.twitter.com/NmFdj6soJj

— Netflix (@netflix) November 7, 2022 What will Dahmer season 2 be about?

Unfortunately there is no shortage of serial killers. Netflix and Ryan Murphy therefore have a good amount of serial killer lives to adapt. John Wayne Gacy, the killer-rapist who buried his victims under his house, was briefly shown in episode 10 of Dahmer and could be the subject of a season, even if the latter already has a documentary mini-series available on the platform. In addition to being horrible, he is a criminal less represented than the famous Ted Bundy (who already had his film with Zac Efron in the role…on Netflix) or the horrible Ed Gein – whom we see in one of the Dahmer episodes and loosely inspired The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

After dealing with a cannibalistic killer with a barbaric modus operandi, Netflix could also look into the life of Samuel Little, the American killer with the most victims (60 confirmed out of more than 90 admitted) from 1970 to 2005. In another register, David “the Son of Sam” Berkowitz is a serial mystery killer that Ryan Murphy might be interested in. Netflix also dedicated a documentary to him, Sons of Sam: The Endless Horror, which shed light on a theory on this story as dark as it is strange.

What do we know about the cast?

Since season 2 will have nothing to do with the previous one, the cast should be completely revised. Nevertheless, if the series is interested in John Wayne Gacy, actor Dominic Burgess could take over the role. It is indeed he who lent his features to the monster made up as a clown in a handful of scenes (dispensable) of the last episode of Dahmer.

Where is the filming of Dahmer season 2?

There is no information at this time on the progress of the production of season 2 of Dahmer. As soon as we know more, we will update this article.

What will be the title of Dahmer season 2?

Since we don't know which killer Season 2 will focus on, we have no idea what the eventual title will be. Nevertheless, the title Monster will probably be put forward more to bring together the two seasons under the same identified name. This obviously remains to be confirmed.

Where can we see the trailer?

Currently, there is no Dahmer Season 2 trailer.

When will Dahmer Season 2 be released? ?

Season 2 production is just beginning, so it's still early to tell on a release date. If new information comes online, we'll add it here.

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