Dance with the stars: Louane and Kendji Girac in the next season? Latest news

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Dancing with the Stars is expected to make a comeback soon. If the casting has not yet been officially announced, Louane and Kendji Girac could well be part of it. Here's the latest info on it.

For 11 seasons, Dancing with the Stars has enjoyed real success on TF1. Emission become cult, it has conquered the hearts of the French. Notably thanks to its exceptional dancersand its touching cast over the years. Not to mention the dances, each more captivating than the next. As the seasons progressed, viewers were able to rejoice in seeing their favorite personalities win. Last year, Tayc won the Dancing with the Stars trophy, beating Bilial Hassani. A major match that conquered the whole of France. So it's a safe bet that the next seasonraise the bar even higher with the arrival of all new candidates. Among them, potentially two renowned singers, Louane and Kendji Girac.

The two young artists have been making a lot of noise recently. Indeed, Louane and Kendji Girac will soon participate in the next season of The Voice Kids. And this, as a coach! After participating in the show, this time they pass to the other side of the armchair accompanied by Patrick Fiori and Julien Doré. As you will have understood, Jennifer and Soprano will therefore be absent from this new season. And if singing is a subject they master, what about dancing? They may soon find out! According to the tvrsource Instagram account, Louane and Kendji will participate well in the next season of Dancing with the Stars. However, no confirmation or formalization has been made. Neither from TF1, nor from the principals concerned. To be continued…

Tayc jury of Dancing with the stars?

Kendji Girac and Louane are not the only ones to be at the heart of the rumors concerning the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Tayc is also part of the speculation. After winning the 11th season, is he about to become a member of the jury? Still according to the tvrsource Instagram account, it may well be that he replaces Jean-Paul Gautier. As a reminder, the French couturier was not really unanimous in this role. Will Tayc be more convincing? Anyway, to discover the future cast, we will still have to wait. For now, the channel has not revealed anything about the members of season 12. As well concerning the casting, as the dancers, or the jury.

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