Dangerous driving: Éric Gagné receives an absolute discharge


Dangerous driving  : Éric Gagné receives an unconditional discharge

Éric Gagné in the Capitales de Québec uniform, in 2009.

Former professional baseball star pitcher Éric Gagné was acquitted on Wednesday of charges of hit and run, impaired driving and driving with a THC level above the legal limit against him. Convicted of dangerous driving, he was granted an absolute discharge on that charge.

The former Los Angeles Dodgers star had pleaded not guilty to the ;all charges brought against him in May 2021.

The 45-year-old former pitcher, whose major league career was clouded by doping admissions, was arrested driving a sport utility vehicle on the morning of July 31, 2020 in Terrebonne.

According to the Sûreté du Québec, Mr. Gagné allegedly drove erratically and collided with two cars on Highway 640 East without stopping before hitting a another vehicle this time in the ramp leading from the 640 to Highway 40 EAST.

Still according to the police, he then fled on foot before being caught and arrested by officers.

Éric Gagné, who had no criminal record, faced a maximum prison sentence of two years less a day in this case.

Eric Gagné

After a rather discreet start, the career of 'Éric Gagné took off in 2002, when the Los Angeles Dodgers made him their specialist late-game reliever.

Originally from Mascouche, the one who was nicknamed Game Over became in 2003 the first Quebecer to win the Cy Young trophy given to the best pitcher, thanks to his 55 protected victories.

Éric Gagné had to hang up his glove in 2008 after elbow and back operations.

In 2010, Éric Gagné admitted to having doped during his career by consuming growth hormones.


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