Daniel Olbrychski says goodbye to his colleague from the industry. What did he say about Franciszek Pieczka

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The media breaks down the first course of the funeral of the deceased Franciszek Pieczka.

Daniel Olbrychski says goodbye to his colleague from the industry. What he said about Franciszek Pieczka

A brilliant actor and creator of many iconic characters, Franciszek Pieczka died on September 23 this year.

Daniel Olbrychski poignantly says goodbye to Franciszek Pieczka

The 94-year-old left a lot of memories related to the characters in which he impersonated, as well as his relatives, friends and co-worker, who are overwhelmed by sorrow.

The funeral ceremony scheduled for September 29 took place in Aleksandrów in the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

As reported by Wirtualna Polska, Franciszek Pieczka spent over 50 years of his life there. Many of them participated in funeral ceremonies, as well as people from acting circles, such as Daniel Olbrychski.

According to media reports, the crowd was so huge that it was difficult to enter the interior of the temple, where a solemn mass was held for the deceased actor. Daniel Olbrychski, handed over the letter from the president of the Polish Film Association, Jacek Bromski, who said goodbye to Franciszek Pieczka with these words – Today we say goodbye to Franciszek Pieczka, one of the most beloved Polish actors & oacute; w. Deep voice, extraordinary charisma, modesty, sense of humor and respect for the whole world & ndash; these are qualities that endeared him to other people. He used to say: The most important thing is to live a life with dignity and not hurt anyone along the way. […]

The actor added from himself – see you in the evening – which meant that Daniel Olbrychski would sit in front of the TV to watch ” Ranch “with Franciszek Pieczka, and other productions announced for this evening by TVP Kultura. The photo shows that Daniel Olbrychski was wearing a black turtleneck, black jacket and brown jacket – most likely leather.

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