Danielle Smith elected to Brooks-Medicine Hat

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Danielle Smith elected in Brooks-Medicine Hat

Danielle Smith was elected United Conservative leader in early October.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith wins the by-election in the riding of Brooks-Medicine Hat in southeastern Alberta . Chosen leader of the United Conservative Party in early October, she has since sought entry into the Alberta Legislative Assembly.

Danielle Smith won the election with 54.5% of the vote.

Other voters respectively voted for:

  • Gwendoline Dirk, New Democratic Party (NDP) of Alberta – 26.7%;

  • Barry Morishita, leader of the Alberta Party – 16.5%;

  • Bob Blayone of the Alberta Independence Party – 1.8%;

  • Jeevan Mangat, interim leader of the Wildrose Independence Party – 0.4%.

A total of 12,695 people voted, representing a turnout of approximately 37%.

In her victory speech on Tuesday evening, the newly elected elected represent all Albertans, rather than just voters in their riding.

I want to assure you that I will lead a government that is committed to serving all Albertans, no matter where you live, who you work for, what you do, the God you worship and love. she promised in front of her supporters, gathered in a restaurant in Medicine Hat.

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Outlining her priorities in her speech, Danielle Smith promised measures to help Albertans fight inflation, health care reform and a new, more equal relationship with Ottawa.

The newly elected member wishes to introduce her own Alberta sovereignty bill as soon as parliamentary proceedings resume, scheduled for the end of November.

Once passed, this bill could notably allow Alberta to refuse to apply federal laws and policies deemed contrary to the interests of the province, according to Danielle Smith. A majority of experts believe, however, that it would be unconstitutional.

Danielle Smith was sworn in as first Minister on October 11, 2022.

In her speech, the Premier also promised a discount on electricity, the suspension of the provincial gas tax and help for seniors and the most vulnerable.

However, she remained silent on the COVID-19 pandemic and the plight of the unvaccinated, two themes on which she spoke on several occasions during the Conservative leadership race.

If she can now implement her legislative priorities, the Premier must now keep her eyes on the provincial elections, scheduled for next May, when the New Democratic Party is favored by Albertans, according to a recent poll.

Danielle Smith is scheduled to enter the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, November 29, for her first Speech from the Throne.

New Democrat candidate Gwendoline Dirk said she was ecstatic over the results of the by-election, which represented a clear step up for her party from the last general election in 2019.

I believe these results show that the NDP can make its mark in one of the most rural ridings in Alberta. We did not win, but our party took a giant leap forward. It shows Alberta is ready for Rachel Notley and the NDP, Gwendoline Dirk believes.

Alberta Party Leader Barry Morishita said both satisfied and disappointed with the performance of his party.

We are disappointed. We did better than last time [and] our team did a good job, [but] we would have liked to achieve more. […] We will assess what we will do next, he says.

He congratulated Danielle Smith on her victory and promises, like Gwendoline Dirk, to run again in the elections next spring.

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