Darwin Núñez, the 'nine' for whom Liverpool pays 100 million

Darwin Nú&ñez, the 'nine' for whom Liverpool pays 100 million

To LiverpoolHis pulse has not wavered to sign a check for almost 100 million euros to take Darwin Nú&ñez, the new ‘nine’ Uruguayan. The modern version of Luis Suárez, whom Atlético does not give him another season, forcing him to seek accommodation in the minor leagues, as much as he wants continue in Spain. Darwin is 22 years old.

Just five years ago he debuted. He worked as a professional in his country's Peñarol before entering Europe through a little-known door. appeared in Almería, upon payment of four million euros. And he made himself known with his wild football, full of efficiency, capable of scoring spectacular goals, which have taken him to Anfield.

Benfica has already informed the Securities Market Commission (CMVM) that it has arrived. He agreed to an agreement with Liverpool for “75 million euros”, although he has already made it clear that through the “payment of variable remuneration, for which the global amount” of the operation “could reach 100 million”.

Barça was interested. by the striker when he was at Almeria, but he faded away. That cohabitation with Luis Suárez

But it all started for the bet of Almería, who in the summer of 2019 completed the most expensive signing in his history, paying 13 million euros to Peñarol. It barely lasted. He spent a season in the south of Spain because Benfica detected it. that Darwin was a gem. paid Benfica 24 million euros (summer-2020) for a player for whom he arrived. Barça became interested at the time. But then there was still Suárez and that way of cohabitating both Uruguayans in a process of consensual tutelage vanished.

Reconstructing the 'red' attack

And in Camp Nou have been left without one or the other because Klopp has decided in just six months to rebuild Liverpool's attack with the arrival of Colombian Luis Díaz (45 million paid ; to Porto) and Darwin (100 million, including variable bonuses, to Benfica). He has found the German coach his particular paradise as a striker in the Portuguese league. from there has removed the pieces to change the already worn trident that made up Salah-Firmino-Mané, about to disappear.

Klopp appeals to strikers in the process of training, unsatisfied, accustomed to living under necessity. And it is not only about a soccer necessity but it also goes much further. I had nothing DarwinIn his country, rejected, moreover, as he was when he was a teenager in his first trial with Peñarol. He was accepted in the second. He was then 15 years old.

Complex startups

From there, his path seemed It was truncated due to a serious knee injury – it broke the knee. the cruciate ligaments – but it ended coming back with more energy than ever, although he should have be 18 months off since he had to operate again. Then, her idyll with the goal made her break records in a meteoric way until she opened the doors of Anfield.

Darwin has signed 34 goals in the 41 games he has played this season with Benfica

The most expensive signing in the history of Almería was transformed into It was the most expensive in the history of Benfica and now it is the most expensive in the history of Liverpool. With Mbappé in Paris and Haaland Enjoying his first hours as a citizen, Darwin Núñez was the striker most persecuted by the big clubs. Because of what he already is (26 goals in 28 games in the Portuguese League he has scored this season, 34 goals in 41 official games) and, above all, because of what he can become.

A voracious nine, son of a very humble and hard-working family (his father worked in construction on marathon days and his mother went out to He went down the street to pick up bottles he sold), he has broken down all barriers.

Born in El Pirata, a poor neighborhood in Artigas, he is the symbol of the new Uruguay. The boy who went to bed some nights, as he himself admitted, “with an empty belly”; continues with football hunger, willing to follow in the footsteps of Luis Suárez, who was already an idol at Anfield. 

And it is Darwin the Uruguayan most expensive in history, surpassing the former Barça player. In 2014, Barça invested 81.7 million euros to get him out of Liverpool. Now, Uruguay's new 'nine' is worth 100 million.

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