“Dasha and I decided to say this.” Dantes and Katsurina made a joint statement



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    Celebrities urged subscribers to save animals during the war.

    Rumors have long been circulating about the novel by Ukrainian musician Vladimir Dantes and restaurateur Dasha Katsurina. Celebrities spend a lot of time together, often telling subscribers on social networks about how they travel, cook and play with Dasha's children. However, they are in no hurry to publicly confirm the status of their relationship. Celebrities fuel rumors and keep their fans on their toes.

    The other day, they recorded a video on Instagram in which they made an important announcement. The video began with the words: “Dasha and I decided to say this.” In the video, Katsurina appeared in a nightgown, and Dantes in a home T-shirt.

    “We want to say something important. Some people think that this is not the time, but for Vova and me it is really important. You could guess about it, our friends sometimes discuss it among themselves. I think it makes no sense to remain silent. And Dasha and I decided to say this, “Dantes and Katsurina say in the video.

    Fans were sure that it was at this moment that celebrities admit that they are having an affair. However, this did not happen. After an intriguing start, the couple encouraged their followers to save animals during the war.

    “Save animals from war. They also die due to shelling and mining. Due to hunger and fear. Do not pass by. Feed, leave water. If possible, take animals from the shelter. Support UA Animals, which saves animals from war every day,” say Vladimir and Dasha.

    The fans were disappointed that they did not hear what they had been waiting for so long . However, the couple was praised for their resourcefulness.

    “Very cool that you took advantage of what people are interested in and told or reminded about what is really important,” wrote one celebrity fan.

    Another added that the artist and his girlfriend, the restaurateur, managed to properly use the attention of the audience to tell them about really important things.

    Focus previously wrote that Dasha Katsurina showed a touching a photograph of Dantes holding her one-year-old son Ivan in her arms.


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