Dasha Astafieva shared details of his personal life

Dasha Astafieva used to undress on camera and giddy fans. Her photosets bring fans of the actress a real aesthetic pleasure, because the star knows how to keep the frame regardless of whether there is something of the clothes or not. In the “Night bar” on the YouTube channel “Lux FM” Dasha confessed to his preferences in bed, and also shared details of his personal life.

Даша Астафьева поделилась подробностями личной жизни

Together with invited guests – ex-“vagrancy” Misha Romanova, as well as a blogger and ex-fiancée Vitaly Kozlovsky Raminas Achakzai she discussed the details of his personal life.

So, Dasha has admitted that she fought men, she personally paid for the beloved in the restaurant and once in the wrong chat during intimate correspondence. “Only think, “don’t send”, and still sent” — with a laugh she remembered the star. Then she just had to laugh it off, to overcome the awkward conversationalist.

The singer admitted that her bold and sexually aggressive stage persona does not reflect the true preferences of the stars in sex.

“I don’t like the way I hung BDSM diva. I love sex toys and physical concepts. I don’t even like speed. I love, for example, tantric sex, slim, sincere and real feelings,” she assured.

Star along the way, I remembered an incident from my childhood that happened to her by negligence. “I was engaged in acrobatics, came half an hour early and decided to repeat a bunch of exercises on a soft track. Ran overclocked and lowered into the pit without a mate broke two hands” to share the Dasha.

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