Data Leak: Desjardins Begins Distribution of Notices of Claim


Data leak: Desjardins begins distribution of notices of claim

The claims period related to the data leak at Desjardins has been ongoing since July 21. By October 20, some of the people concerned will gradually receive instructions on how to file their claim.

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The Desjardins sign, outside the Complex of the same name, in Montreal.

Are you or have you been a member of Desjardins and were affected by the data leak disclosed by the Mouvement in 2019? Check your mailbox on the AccèsD portal, or your mailbox. You could receive instructions over the next few weeks to file a claim, under an out-of-court settlement that could total up to $200 million. This agreement, negotiated with Desjardins Group as part of a class action, was approved by the Superior Court last June and could affect 9.7 million people in Canada.

Notices by AccèsD began to be sent today (July 21) and the sending of letters will begin in the coming days, confirms by email the spokesperson for the Mouvement Desjardins, Jean- Benoît Turcotti, at The Invoice.

The notice available through AccèsD will contain a personalized hyperlink to the online claims portal.

For Desjardins members who do not use AccèsD, or for people who no longer have an account with Desjardins, a letter sent by the financial institution will provide them with instructions for connecting to the portal, using a unique reference number.

Class members must wait to receive their Explanatory Notice […] before they can file a claim, says the claims administrator, RicePoint Administration, on the Settlement website. However, shipments will be sent gradually over the next 13 weeks, until mid-October. Desjardins does not disclose information on the rate of sending for operational reasons, specifies Mr. Turcotti.

And only people who have received a personalized link on the Desjardins AccèsD web platform or who have received a letter with connection instructions can claim at this time.

Some of the people affected by the class action will not receive any notice and will have to wait until October 20, 2022 to submit their claim, when the portal will be open to everyone. This is particularly the case for people who could not be reached by mail.

Claimants must make a claim in good and due form to hope to receive compensation. No compensation will be released without a claim. Once the complaint has been filed, the RicePoint administrator, an independent entity, will determine whether to accept or deny the complaint.

Individuals who have dedicated time to certain procedures flight from Desjardins without having suffered identity theft have until April 20, 2023 to submit their claim. If their request is accepted, they will receive a transfer or a check for a maximum amount of $90 between April 20 and July 19, 2023.

As for those who were victims of identity theft, they must file their claim before October 20, 2023 to be part of the first round of compensation. Two other rounds will be offered in 2024 and 2025. A maximum amount of $1,000 is provided for in compensation, if the claim is deemed admissible by the RicePoint administrator.

Desjardins confirms that a paper version of the claim form can also be obtained from Desjardins caisses.

Isabelle Roberge is a research journalist on the show The invoice


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