David Beckham was again caught kissing 8-year-old daughter Harper on the lips

David Beckham is not only a famous player, but also a wonderful father who loves his children. The athlete tries to hold heirs more time, but occasionally suffer some symptoms of tenderness to harsh criticism. It happened a few hours ago, when the parent once again he was caught kissing 8-year-old daughter Harper on the lips.

Дэвид Бекхэм снова попался на поцелуях 8-летней дочери Харпер в губы

However, David Beckham claim fans, apparently, do not really care. The player went with daughter Harper at the rink. In anticipation of the Christmas holidays the famous sportsman had a great time with the heiress, heartily have fun and roll on skates. Emotions overflowed again a happy father, and he once again could not resist the heiress kiss on the lips. Comments in the timeline Beckham has been mixed. Some members began to criticize the behavior of a parent, calling it unworthy. Other collection of fresh photos in the player account pleased. They stated that the pictures turned out very emotional, moving and family. According to fans, the new shots confirm that they are fun and good and athletic big fellow that loves its family and does not hesitate in expression of feelings.

Internet users continue to discuss the behavior of Beckham. Meanwhile, the new post player for a few hours and collected over 1 280 000 Likes.

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