David Duchovny photographed with new girlfriend


    David Duchovny photographed with new girlfriend

    The 1990s sex symbol is dating a girl who is 32 years his junior

    61-year-old actor David Duchovny was caught walking with his new girlfriend. This is Monique Pendleberry, 29, who worked for a juice company. Before meeting her, the former sex symbol was undergoing treatment for sexual addiction. The Daily Mail writes about this.

    David Duchovny became famous for his roles in the cult series The X-Files and Californication, but the last time he appeared on the screen was in 2020, in the low-budget film Witchcraft: Legacy. .

    He rarely appears in public and little is known about his personal life. But the paparazzi photographed him with his new, 29-year-old girlfriend, Monique Pendleberry. David met her in 2017 at SunLife Organics Juicery, owned by David's friend Khalil Rafati, and where Monique worked.

    Before that, David Duchovny was married to actress Tea Leoni. The couple got married in 1997, they have two children.

    However, in 2011, David publicly admitted that he was suffering from hypersexuality and went to a rehabilitation center for treatment.

    The couple tried to renew their relationship, but finally broke up in 2014.

    Interestingly, the career of Gillian Anderson, Duchovny's co-star on The X-Files, was much more successful.

    David Duchovny was photographed with a new girlfriend

    Only for In recent years, she has starred in three popular TV series at once: The Crown, The Great and The First Lady.


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