David Eby will become premier of British Columbia on November 18

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David Eby will become Premier of British Columbia on November 18

David Eby who will lead the New Democratic Party of British Columbia in the coming days.

The new leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) of British Columbia, David Eby, will officially become premier of the province when he is sworn in on November 18.

The 46-year-old will take office by the end of the legislative session.

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Jane Austin accepted the resignation of John Horgan. She asked the prime minister-designate to start forming the next government now to ensure the transition to his new role.

David Eby introduced earlier this week his new chief of staff, Matt Smith, who was in charge of his campaign during the leadership race. He thus thanks Geoff Meggs, the chief of staff of the current Prime Minister, John Horgan.

The cost of housing, the pressures on health services and the impact of changes climate change on communities are among the challenges he intends to tackle as soon as he takes office.

The prime minister-designate did not give details on the date of a possible cabinet reshuffle. He is currently in discussion with members of the public service to establish the main challenges currently facing the province.

Victoria's parliamentary calendar has been modified accordingly and the resumption of the session was postponed for a week. David Eby will serve as Premier of the Legislative Assembly for the first time during the week of November 21.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter that he spoke with David Eby about the priorities of the new government he will form, which is to “make housing more affordable, protect the environment, provide 'clean economy, improve mental health and addictions support, and strengthen health care.'

The Liberal Party and the Green Party have denounced delays in coming into post of David Eby.

He was absent from the Assembly first and now he is cutting a week of parliamentary session, said Adam Olsen, of the Green Party. It took Rishi Sunak three days to be sworn in and become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, thus becoming accountable to the Assembly. Alberta Premier Danielle Smith won the leadership race on October 6 and was sworn in on October 11.

Todd Stone, of the Liberal Party, also denounced the delayed arrival of the prime minister-designate. If he wanted to, David Eby could be in his seat in the Legislative Assembly today, he laments.

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