David Eby will officially become leader of the BC NDP on Friday

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David Eby will officially become leader of the BC NDP on Friday

Former BC Attorney General and Housing Minister David Eby will become leader of the NDP on Friday.

The only remaining candidate in the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) leadership race, David Eby, will become leader of the party on Friday, it was announced Provincial NDP Chief Electoral Officer Elizabeth Cull in a statement released Thursday morning.

The election of the new NDP leader was originally scheduled to take place on December 3. Elizabeth Cull explains that the decision of the party office taken on Wednesday evening to disqualify Anjali Appadurai, the only rival of David Eby, allows her to declare the victory of the latter.

Prime Minister John Horgan had said he would step down in December, but Ms Cull says she can push the election date forward as there is only one left. only candidate.

Reporters heard cheers and applause from the room where NDP caucus members gathered Thursday morning as David Eby virtually addressed them.

After At that meeting, Ravil Kahlon, David Eby's campaign co-chair, told reporters that the party had gone through a difficult process, but was supportive of David Eby.

Anjali Appadurai's candidacy was rejected by the party office on Wednesday night after receiving a report from Chief Electoral Officer Elizabeth Cull alleging serious inappropriate conduct related to election campaigns. membership being conducted for Anjali Appadurai by third-party environmental organizations.

Anjali Appadurai said she will comment on the decision of the NDP office at a press briefing scheduled for Thursday afternoon outside the Legislative Building, Victoria.

Prime Minister John Horgan, who announced his retirement from politics this year, held a press briefing to support the party's decision.

It's with some with excitement and a bit of grief that I stand here in front of you today to give my full support to the latest candidate in the BC NDP leadership race, my friend and colleague David Eby, said from the start John Horgan.

“I am very very very pleased to have David Eby as the new Premier of British Columbia.

—John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia

It's been a rough road for all with many challenges, that's for sure, but I'm sure the work of representatives and the party office was rigorous and comprehensive, he added.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Elizabeth Cull has been a member of the provincial NDP for decades and took her job as the party's Chief Electoral Officer very seriously before drawing the conclusions presented in her report.

[The leadership race] is not because the party was looking for a new mandate, but because we want to continue implementing the mandate we received just two years ago, said John Horgan . If it weren't for my state of health, I would have been happy to continue this work. […] I am very pleased that David [Eby] received support not only from me, but from the entire caucus and, I would add, from a significant majority of NDP members.

< p class="e-p">John Horgan added that he was not concerned that the situation would lead to a mass departure of his new environmentalist members.

He criticized the decision of 'Anjali Appadurai to appear in front of the Legislative Building accompanied by her supporters: Her dispute concerns the party office and not the Legislative Building. He recalled that she appealed to party representatives and that appeal was rejected.

John Horgan added that Anjali Appadurai is welcome in the party, but that she must follow the rules.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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