David Ferrer does not rule out Rafael Nadal for the Davis Cup

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  • David Ferrer does not rule out Rafael Nadal for the Davis Cup

    David Ferrer has just taken over as captain of Spain for the Davis Cup.

David Ferrer, the new Spanish captain of the Davis Cup, said this Monday that he assumes “with great enthusiasm and responsibility” rose to this challenge and ensured that for the group stage of the final, scheduled for September 2023, he could count on Rafael Nadal, with whom he has already spoken on the phone and “has not been ruled out” ; to play.

David Ferrer withdrew He became professional tennis player in May 2019 with a record that includes 27 titles in 52 finals played, 63 Grand Slams played and 7 years among the top of the world rankings, in which he reached the top of the world rankings. to be number three in 2013.

Born in Jávea (Alicante) 40 years ago, Ferrer managed to become number three. He won three Davis Cup titles with Spain, in 2008, 2009 and 2011, and reached the top of the list. he made a fourth final in 2012. In total he played in the fourth final. 20 heats, resulting in 28 wins and 5 losses.

His most outstanding triumph in the circuit was achieved by in the Masters 1,000 in Paris in 2013, a few months after reaching his only Grand Slam final, at Roland Garros against Rafael Nadal. In the first of his 7 participations in the 2007 ATP Masters, he reached the top of the 2007 ATP Masters. also the final against the Swiss Roger Federer.

"I have been a player and the fact of having the confidence of the players helps a lot. I would not have accepted this captaincy if the players had not wanted to, even if the federation had wanted to. It's the right time, I've been retired for a while and I also like it. It didn't cost me decide. I thought so with the closest environment and with the players,” said Ferrer, who during this time will reconcile his career. He consolidated this new position with his position as director of the Count of Godó.

One of the tasks that you will have Ferrer as the Spanish Davis Cup coach is to monitor the players and make decisions that, in some cases, will not be easy.

"I spoke He met Rafa Nadal by message before making it official and then by phone. I am very confident and we are not talking about September because there is a lot left. Of course I will try to do it. Let the best come and hopefully that Rafa can come. is in his hand. Now I will do Keeping track of everyone's calendar so they're prepared,” he said.

“It wasn't ruled out. Rafa has a schedule that is not easy after so many years playing and apart from that there are injuries. At no time has he discarded himself and when the time comes to speak & eacute; with the. will have I have all my support whether you are here or not. as it is not. If someone deserves all the trust and to be exempt from any doubt, it is Rafael”, he said.

One of the tennis players called to lead this generation of Spanish players is Carlos Alcaraz, who, at 19, is number one in the ATP ranking.

&quot Carlos is very excited. He has material for a leader and what he has achieved at 19 years of age I have seen very few people. Only Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic. He assumes a pressure that any player does not assume”, he commented.

“The important thing and the good ones are the players and Spain has an exceptional batch of players, starting with Rafael Nadal, with the So it's easier to get the Davis Cup, although you need to join a team. We have that. As captain I will do everything. everything possible to add and do everything possible to get the most out of it,” he said.

During his professional career, Ferrer also disputed ; He won three Olympic Games, with a diploma in doubles in London 2012 together with Feliciano López.

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