David Podsiadło's declaration on apostasy was widely echoed. A popular clergyman took the floor

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What does a popular priest think about Dawid Podsiadło's announcements?

 David Podsiadło's declaration on apostasy was widely echoed. The popular clergyman spoke

As the portal” O2 “reminds, Dawid Podsiadło has recently declared that he wants to do the apostasy. The artist's words echoed widely in the media. One of the respondents was Father Daniel Wachowiak (Archdiocese of Poznań). He said what he thought about the apostates. Get to know the details!

Dawid Podsiadło about apostasy

In the interview Dawid Podsiadło gave to Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki and Piotr Kędzierski, the artist admitted that he intended to perform apostasy. He admitted that he did not want to “disturb the statistics and take advantage of the privileges of an organization with which he has nothing in common”. On his album there was also the song “Post”, with which the musician had to explain some of the fans that he indignant.

Translating himself from the song, he admitted that it was a form of disagreement with the negative behavior of church hierarchs, including cover-up sexual abuse, meddling in political and ideological issues. He added that in “Fast” and in his approach to the Church, he does not stigmatize faith, but only an institution.

In the next post, he said that he probably had much more grudge against church hierarchs and clergy than Dawid Podsiadło. Later he added that “the less just any Catholic, the better.” He also expressed the hope that this is the way to a church in which people will be aware of “the beauty of their faith in God”.

Do you agree with Father Wachowiak?

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