Dawid Zastło about the Church. Gwiazdor fell to some of his fans

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Dawid Podsiadło has to explain himself for one of the songs.


As the” Pomponik “portal reminds us, the latest album by Dawid Podsiadło has been released recently. Soon after this fact, the artist had to face heavy criticism from some recipients of his music. The singer had to explain the content of one of the songs in which he touched upon issues related to the church and faith. What's the fuss about? Get to know the details!

Dawid Podsiadło got some of his fans

On October 21, the latest album by Dawid Podsiadło hit the store. The album titled “The Twenties” quickly found itself at the center of the Internet storm. It was about one of the songs in which the artist refers to a problem in the Catholic Church, from which an increasing number of believers are turning away.

The song “Post” aroused a lot of emotions and caused a lot of indignation among some listeners. People who declare a strong attachment to the church did not like the lyrics of the song. There was so much indignation that the singer decided to refer to them in one of the latest interviews.

 Dawid had the church. The star broke up some of his fans

Podsiadło translates from “Post”

Dawid Podsiadło has never hidden that he is a believer. However, he does not intend to blindly accept certain aspects of the functioning of an institutionalized church. “I have a problem with an institution, not with faith,” said Podsiadło firmly. on ideological and political issues. He drew attention to the discrepancy between the teaching of the church and the actions of priests. He admitted that he did not understand how people who themselves have “considerable moral deficiencies” can moralize.

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