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DC: James Gunn definitely doesn't want to make the same mistake as Marvel

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Aren't Marvel Studios overdoing it with their Expanded Universe? In the past, this concept of linking films and series into a larger story was the strength of the Disney franchise. But, in recent years, references to the MCU sometimes come as a surprise in certain feature films. We think in particular of the last Ant-Man where the confrontation with Kang did not really excite the spectators.

The promise of James Gunn

This is precisely what James Gunn, who has been overseeing DC Comics productions for a year now, intends to avoid. The manager explained his point of view on the social network Threads in publications that received little media attention.

He explains to his fans: “If you consider that you must & #8216;investing time and effort, regardless of the expanded universe, you definitely shouldn't do it! Each story must be appreciated in itself, without being linked to an external world..

The filmmaker adds: “If it seems forced, that's a concern. Expanded shared universes should add fun to individual stories, not the other way around. The stories and characters are much more important to me than the connections between them.”

These statements are important, especially coming from James Gunn who now has a key role in everything DC Comics does. They are ultimately not so surprising if we refer to his past positions.

We remember in fact that he said he was surprised by Marvel's choice to bring together Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, for example, which was not his doing:

They chose to have this ending in the edit. And I didn't think she would be there. Endgame came out just after I decided to make a new Guardians of the Galaxy. So I didn't really have a say in the content of the film, and then it came out, and I wondered what I was going to do.

We will see later if James Gunn keeps all his promises. In the meantime, Marvel is also trying to turn things around after a very difficult 2023. According to persistent rumors, the Disney studio is even considering a reboot of its entire extended universe. A perspective that deeply divides fans of the saga. You can get more information about this by reading our dedicated article here.

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