Dead cat Lil bub is one of the first animals who became Internet stars (photo, video)

Умерла кошка Лил Баб – одно из первых животных, которые стали звездами интернета (фото, видео)

At the age of eight years died a famous cat named Lil bub. The cause of death was “aggressive infection of the bone.”

“We lost the clean, good and magic is a living force in our planets… the Women were cheerful and full of love. She lay in the bed with us on Saturday night, unexpectedly but quietly passed away in her sleep… She taught me everything I know about unconditional love. She introduced me to My wife Stacy, so thanks to her we have beautiful children Roscoe and Lula. She was a constant source of warmth and love in our lives over the past eight years,” wrote her owner Mike Bridavsky.

Lil bub was born June 21, 2011 in Bloomington (American Indiana). She had several congenital abnormalities including dwarfism and osteoporosis. It is because of his illness the cat had such a funny look.

Lil bub, along with the deceased in may of this year, “grumpy cat”, Grumpy Cat, were among the first animals who managed to become famous in the network. Due to its unusual cute appearance she in 2012 became the star of Instagram and acquired an army of fans.

Over the years of its “career” Lil bub released a book, starred in several films and music videos. There is a documentary film “Lil bub and friends”, received the prize at the film festival in Tribeca. She was also a private show, which was attended by American musician Steve Albini and Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg. Cat also participated in the recording of the hit musician Andrew W. K. “Star Party Animal”.

A cat owner a significant portion of its money is transferred to funds that help homeless animals. Therefore, he believes that his pet has helped save the lives of thousands of cats and dogs.

Умерла кошка Лил Баб – одно из первых животных, которые стали звездами интернета (фото, видео)

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